Popular Activities to Do at a Naturist Campsite

Whether it’s your first time joining the world of naturist camping or you’ve been many times before, you may be wondering what the most popular activities are when visiting such a place. Luckily, there are many activities, events, and places to visit when visiting a great natural campsite. We have explored the world of naturist camping and spoken to some seasoned professionals to gather together the most popular, interesting, and exciting activities to do whilst visiting a naturist campsite. Read on to find out everything we’ve learned. Four of the most amazing activities and things to do at a naturist campsite. Take a look and discover how much fun it can be.

Naturist Campsite


Hiking is an extremely popular activity no matter where in the world you are. Believe it or not, nude hiking is also super popular. People love hiking as a way to get out and explore the world, feel at one with nature, and see some beautiful sights. Obviously, there’s one subtle difference here, you’ll be nude! This adds an extra layer of liberation, freedom, and excitement to your travels. Combining the freedom of the hike with the feeling of nudity can be a wonderful feeling. Most naturist campsites will be surrounded by wonderful areas for hiking, but if you are in an area where others may be about, you can expect to be noticed. Hiking nude is legal in most places, so there are no worries there, but if you’re self-conscious you may want to avoid trails popular with other hikers.

There are some preparations to consider when nude hiking, though. While naturists often prefer to remain barefoot during many activities, this is one where we certainly recommend investing in and wearing a pair of quality hiking boots. The trail may be beautiful, but it can certainly have little slips, bumps, and stones that can cause nasty injuries, so keep those boots on! Also, with so much skin exposed you should consider putting a good layer of sunscreen on your whole body, and invest in some bug spray to minimize the chance of nasty bites in unwanted areas. You should also carry a hiking pack if you’re going to be on the trail for some time. Include all the things you’d carry on a normal hike – enough water for the day, food, emergency supplies, first aid kits, and communication devices. 

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Many naturist campsites are positioned perfectly for a swim session. They may have their own pool or be close to the coast or a lake, for easy access to some natural, naturist swimming. At a naturist camp’s swimming pool you can expect all the same things as you would at any other pool. You can swim lengths, relax poolside with a drink, or play with the kids who are bombing into the pool. If you are heading to a more natural swimming location such as a lake or ocean, you should, of course, be wary of the natural dangers. Just like any other time, ensure the waters are safe for you and your family before jumping in. Once you know this to be true, enjoy the freedom of nude swimming in a beautiful setting.


Many naturist camps include a wide array of sporting activities for you and your family. A popular sporting session amongst nudists is volleyball. Super easy to set up a game and play even if you have no prior volleyball experience! A simple game can bring so much fun to a group who’ve potentially never even met before. On top of that, many camps include areas for other ball games such as soccer and even tennis. You’ll find making friends during activities at a naturist camp very easy, everyone wants to enjoy themselves and have a good time, so look out for any sports games being set up and get involved. For the less active naturist, there are some less strenuous sports available at many great campsites, such as archery or lawn bowling.


Just like any other holiday park or campsite, there’s always someone organizing some great group excursions. These may be hikes, as previously discussed, or other trips around the local area to soak up some nature, culture, and even cuisine. What better way could there be than spending a Sunday afternoon in a group of like-minded people, taking in everything that the surrounding areas have to offer you? Look out for notice boards, posters, or signage detailing trips, excursions, walks, or dinners. There’s something for everyone at these lovely campsites. 

These are by far and away our favorite activities to enjoy when naturist camping. As we say, there’s something for everyone here. Alongside the feeling of freedom, no shame or judgment, and a sense of community, there are also trips, games, and activities to keep everyone fully entertained. Book yourself in for a weekend of naturist camping, you won’t regret it.

Last Updated on January 25, 2023

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