Top 8 Best Things to Do in Arizona in Spring

Arizona is home to Phoenix, known as the Valley of the Sun, and residents of the entire state get plenty of rays, yet Arizona is not very hot in the spring, which makes that time of year perfect for a visit. If you’re planning on coming to Arizona for a spring fling, here are a few ways to spend the days and nights. Eight of the most amazing things to do in Arizona in spring.

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Things to Do in Arizona

Things to Do in Arizona in Spring

Take a Hike

It’s not too hot, and it’s definitely not chilly in the spring in Arizona. It’s perfect for taking a hike, and the state has plenty of sights as well as flat and inclined spots to traverse. Find hiking trails throughout the major cities, or go to the outskirts to try a different kind of terrain.

Get to the Zoo

Get to the zoo to see a barrage of wildlife. You have a few choices including the Wildlife World Zoo and Aquarium, the Phoenix Zoo, and the Reid Park Zoo. Similar to humans, animals are more lively when the weather is mild, so spring is a good time to get out and see them within a controlled habitat.

Catch a Game

Arizona’s folks are no strangers to major league sports. They have a football, hockey, and baseball team. Speaking of baseball, the LA Dodgers undergo spring training in the state. Get your hands on LA Dodgers tickets and bring family and friends to see an exhibition match. Phoenix serves as host to a number of baseball stadiums.

Drive to Slide Rock

Slide Rock is a state park near Sedona that gets its name from a creek with a slippery bottom. The park grows popular in the summer, so it’s better to go visit in the spring before the crowd increase. Pack food and beverages and stay the day, enjoying the serenity of Arizona’s outdoors.

Schedule a Tee Time

Since it never gets very cold in the state, Arizona is considered a golfer’s paradise. Whether you’re a seasoned swinger or just putting around with the hobby, check out a number of courses open to the public. Regardless of where you’re staying in Arizona, it’s likely that a public course is not too far out of the way.

Discover Matsuri

Matsuri Festival takes place each year in Phoenix. It’s a rich celebration of Japanese culture. See a live show, eat Japanese food, and view a number of art pieces from the country. Admission is free!

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Experience Scottsdale

Scottsdale is a culturally rich town with plenty of nightlife and places to experience an array of tasty foods. Why stay near a resort with other tourists when you can move about Scottsdale and do as the locals do? Arizona is a friendly place, and Scottsdale is one of the more popular towns in the state.

See Sedona

Get to Sedona, home of the red rocks. It’s likely that you’ve seen the unique formations in pictures, but images don’t do the natural beauty justice. Schedule a trip to Sedona and make sure to charge your phone, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to take pictures and live video footage.

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What are your favorite things to do in Arizona?

Last Updated on September 3, 2023

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