Top 30 Things To Do In Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of those countries that almost everyone I know wants to visit. That is because it doesn’t matter if you are an adventure traveler, sun worshiper, explorer, luxury lover, or are looking for an all-in-one vacation. There are just so many things to do in Costa Rica.

This small country packs a lot, no matter what your tastes and interests are, Costa Rica‘s got you covered!

Top 30 Things To Do In Costa Rica

With hundreds of miles of coastline, beach lovers can go in all types of water activities or just take pure pleasure in complete tranquility and relaxation.

you also get to explore the forests of Costa Rica from the sky by zipping on canopy lines through rain forests, dry tropical forests & even volcanoes or hike the many trails that take you to hanging bridges.

And don’t miss the chance to experience and see the local culture in one of the country’s many festivals that take place year-round in different towns.

Top 30 Things To Do In Costa Rica - canopy tour

Take a look at the following list of things to do in Costa Rica to get inspired to visit the country and do the most of it.

31 Things to do in Costa Rica 

  1. ATV and Dune Buggy Tours – Go off-roading through fun tracks while enjoying the surrounding beauty.
  2. Bird and Wildlife Watching – Costa Rica is an incredibly diverse country, so stepping out into the forest will almost guarantee that you will find some animals hiding in the trees.
  3. Bungee Jumping – It is time for you to forget about your fears and jump off a bridge.
  4. Canoeing and Kayaking – With so many rivers, lakes, and lagoons you are bound to find these sorts of relaxing and fun tours all over the country.
  5. Canopy Tours These exciting tours might not allow you to see a lot of animals but it will give you the chance to get amazing views from the top of the trees.
  6. Canyoning or Waterfall Rappelling – Trying to go down a wall of rock while hanging from a rope and with water falling all over you might not sound great but when you try it, it is actually amazing.
  7. Caving – Exploring the underworld always offers fun and exciting.
  8. Chocolate Tours – Learn all about how traditional chocolate is done, from the plant to your kitchen.
  9. Coffee Tours Walk through beautiful coffee plantations and get a tasting session before you leave. Plus, Costa Rica is known for producing great coffee.
  10. Day Spas – Luxury hotels and some other wellness boutique hotels offer spas with relaxing treatments that will make you feel like new.
  11. Diving & Snorkeling – The crystal clear waters of the Caribbean coast offer amazing opportunities for you to go and learn how to dive or experience a snorkeling tour.
  12. Dolphin & Whale Watching – During the warm months between late February and late April dolphins and whales come to the country’s shores and you can hang out with them by taking a short boat tour.
  13. Golfing – They might not have award-winning golf coursed but there are some great ones that will show you a great time!
  14. Hang Gliding – These tours aren’t as common but when you find them they are great.
  15. Hiking – With tons of national parks open to the public there are almost endless hiking opportunities for all levels.
  16. Horseback Riding – These have a special place in my heart for being one of the most romantic things that my husband and I did in the country during sunset.
  17. Hot Air Ballooning – Experience low and slow drifting, over rain forests or mountain villages, caressing the tops of giants trees
  18. Hot Springs – The Arenal Volcano area is home to some of the most luxurious natural hot springs in the country.
  19. Jet Skis – This is another fun thing that you can do while exploring the south pacific area of Costa Rica.
  20. Musical Events & Carnivals of Costa Rica – Just as it happened in most of Latin America, the different towns are often having local festivals. If you run into one, spend some time in it.
  21. Parasailing – Flying over a large body of water while attached to a boat is not for the faint of heart.
  22. Rafting & Tubing – Hop on a raft and allow yourself to flow through river rapids for the craziest experience of your life.
  23. Safari Boat Ride Going on a boat tour where your guide points out animals hiding in the mangroves and the importance of some of the local plants is a relaxing, educational experience.
  24. Sailing and Catamaran tours – These tours are the best way to enjoy the local waters in luxury.
  25. Sport Fishing Catching fish has always been exciting, but being able to return them safely to the water afterward is even more rewarding.
  26. Surfs Up! – Some beaches on the pacific coast offer great waves where experienced surfers can have fun and newbies can practice.
  27. Turtle Tours Four different species of Sea turtles and you get to see them hatch and make their way to the sea as part of tours that help preservation efforts to keep their numbers healthy.
  28. Windsurfing – Gliding on Water off of the gorgeous Costa Rican shores is every adventurer’s dream.
  29. Feeding Crocodiles – you can go to the Tarcoles river and see how tour guides feed a few of the many crocodiles lying on the shores.

So what did I miss? Do you know of other fun things to do in Costa Rica?

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Top 30 Things To Do In Costa Rica

Last Updated on October 25, 2023

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