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Things That You Need to Have in Your Bushcraft Gear List

Living away from all the urban conveniences is an adventure that needs a lot of skills. It requires extensive knowledge and skills to use the resources provided by the natural environment. And to implement these survival skills you need tools. This is what Bush crafting is all about- living the minimalist lifestyle with what’s needed only.Essentials that you will need to make sure you have on your Bushcraft Gear List before you go on that adventure.Learn about Bushcraft Gear.

However, with the right set of tools by your side, you can make your outdoor living easier and effective. If you have a bad hand at it and do not have any idea about the tools that you need to include, do not worry. We are here to help you. The list mentioned below includes the bush craft gears that can help you to stay comfortable and safe. Have a glimpse!

Bushcraft Gear List

Basic Bushcraft Gear List

Survival Knife or a Blade

This is the first and foremost survival tool that you need to include in your list. A knife can be used for a number of purposes such as preparing foraged food, cutting small branches, preparing traps, carving wood, and much more. There are different types of blades that are required for different environments. You can consider trying the Benchmade Knives and use them for different purposes and unexpected situations. For example, a medium-sized knife cannot be used for tasks such as carving woods.

Bladed Bushcraft Gear

It is impossible to survive in the bush without having a bladed tool. It should be a big part of your list and you should consider adding it. They have a wide range of uses such as chopping wood and cutting notches in the wood. Essentially, they are an important addition, and having more than one bladed bush craft gear is ideal.


You already have a medium and a small-sized knife with you, now you need a large knife. This is the ideal choice if you have only one blade. A  machete can be used for different tasks such as cutting branches, cutting small logs, digging, prying, or as a draw knife.

An Axe

Having an axe is another important requirement for bush craft. With an ax, you can handle so many other jobs that a blade is incapable of doing. The axes can be used to chop the fell trees, hammer posts, and stakes, and even as a self-defense weapon in the wild. If you think that you can use a blade for the same purpose, we suggest you drop the idea.


This is the best tool that you need to add if you need to do some digging. Also, it can be used for building shelters during bad weather. You can also make drainage ditches around your shelter.

Now, you know about the tools you need to include in your bush craft gear list. Be it food foraging, trapping, hunting, water gathering, shelter building, or even fire building, these tools can make your labor easier.

You will be able to survive, irrespective of any situation. You can thrive with anything that nature puts your way. With these inclusions, you are adapted and all prepared for everything that nature has planned for you. But before you shop for these tools, we suggest you do your homework and test them that do not break easily.

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