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Things You Need To Pack When Going Abroad With Kids

Family holidays are always highly exciting, however things can soon turn pear-shaped when your child begins throwing a raging tantrum and you have nothing suitable packed to calm them down. Airports are boring for even adults, so with their shorter attention spans, children can become incredibly fidgety and frustrated when left waiting at the airport or on the plane for several hours. Whatever the holiday disaster may be, we have all the essentials that you need to pack when going abroad with your children. While a first-aid kit and EHIC card are the obvious choices, here are a few others that you might have been unsure or unaware of.Four essentials that you should always have with you when you travel with kids.Check out this lost of going abroad with kids.

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Airport Distractions

While it might seem like a waste of space in your hand luggage initially, never neglect packing toys and travel games for your kids. You’d be surprised at how often you’ll need them, from waiting in the airport and flying on the plane, to evenings in your hotel where your child begins to feel a little bit restless. These distractions can come in several different forms, with toys being perfect for babies and toddlers, travel games such as Connect Four and Snakes & Ladders for slightly older children, and downloadable entertainment on an iPad for even older ones. While these might not even get used in the end, it’s great to have them as back up just in case.

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Don’t Hold Back On The Baby Food & Milk

Sometimes, we can pack necessities such as baby food and formula and think “am I going slightly overboard?” but you can never pack too much! If you’re concerned about your supply and you think you need that much food and milk, then pack what you think is necessary. Especially when traveling with a baby or toddler, take no notice of the 3-ounce container rule, and simply go with your gut instinct. No two children are the same, and while the average child may be satisfied with 3 ounces, others will require more, so do what you think is best for your child and their well-being.

Invest In A Ride-On Suitcase

This is an excellent way to keep children entertained at the airport, and while abroad as well, as it makes a fun game for kids on their way to the hotel. Ride-on suitcases are essentially suitcases with wheels, however the wheels are found on the longer side of the suitcase. As a result, your child can sit on their suitcase and ride it around the airport, making a fun game while things are a little boring at the airport. Especially if you have two children, they can race (regarding it’s safe to do so), and simply enjoy themselves until it’s time to board the plane.

Don’t Forget The Dummy

We’ve all been in a situation in-flight where a baby has been crying for ages and ages, and with nowhere to escape, it can become incredibly draining. However, this is just as draining for the mother, not to mention highly embarrassing, so never forget to pack a dummy on your travels – in fact, pack multiple. While they aren’t guaranteed to soothe your baby every time, they still work very well and will allow yourself and other passengers to enjoy a peaceful flight without the loud noises.

Especially when flying for the first time with your kids, it can be challenging to know exactly what to pack, however it’s simply all about the ‘what if’ situations. Chances are you won’t use half of it! However, having the back-up can give you the peace of mind, keeping your prepared just in case.

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