Things You Need to Know Before You Travel To Nigeria

If visiting a country in Africa is on your bucket list, then Nigeria is one such country which you just cannot miss out as this will probably become one of the most fascinating travel you have ever experienced.Ten things you should know before travel to Nigeria.These will make your trip much easier.Here, you will find tips of Nigeria trip.

Travel To Nigeria

Before going further, let us first grab some knowledge of the Nigerian economy. And don’t forget to to stay on top of Nigerian Latest News.

Nigeria is Africa’s second-largest economy which is expanding its manufacturing, communication, entertainment, and financial sectors to such an extent that it is ranked as the 27th- largest economy in the world in terms of nominal GDP (source: Wikipedia). Nigeria has the highest production of oil and gas in Africa and oil revenues contribute 2/3 of state revenues.

The agriculture sector has not kept up with the growing population hence Nigeria imports its food products. In terms of finance, trading has picked up quite some popularity due to the existence of multiple brokerage firms, but the regulations are not still in place. The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) regulates foreign exchange trading activities by allowing foreign exchange trading to be carried out through banks or registered brokers.

Online Forex trading in Nigeria is relatively new hence finding the Best Trading Platform in Nigeria is absolutely necessary to perform safe trading.

Now, as you have some basic idea of the country’s economy, let me enlighten you about what should you expect to experience while visiting Nigeria;

Things to Know Before You Travel To Nigeria

Nigerians are full of Positivity:

Nigeria is full of energetic and positive people who can lift up your spirits. The people are full of hope and enthusiastic which will make you feel elated. Nigerians are friendly, warm and loud people who would meet and greet you with joy.

Nigeria is Hot:

Nigeria is warm throughout the year. It never snows, and the humidity is usually high. You will have to book a stay which is air-conditioned during your visit. The temperature may drop in the evening, but you still will feel warm. Bring your sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats to protect yourself from sunburn.

Nigeria is Safe:

Nigeria is a relatively safe country where a traveler can walk through the streets without fearing any robbery or abduction. You definitely need to be alert and aware of the area you are in as no country is 100% secure but you can travel at peace in Nigeria.

The Locals Speak English: 

Everyone, you will meet in Nigeria will know how to speak English, maybe not fluent but still, you will not find it hard to communicate with the locals as English is the official language in Nigeria.

Do Not Depend too much on Public Transport:

When you travel to Nigeria, do not depend on public transports to travel as they do not follow strict schedules and may be cramped. It is better to opt for local cabs or Uber instead as these are much more convenient options. You can also book a package tour inclusive of local travel expenses.

The Country is Rough:

Nigeria is not a very well-planned country and is chaotic like London, Rio or Delhi. Roads are not very smooth, houses are quite simple, security is not top notch and there is not much order. But the country has its own charm and you will get used to this tardiness in no time.

Carry Enough Cash:

Though bigger cities accept cashless transactions, smaller cities may not really accept cards hence to be safe, carry enough cash with you. In case of emergency, ATMs are available throughout the country.

You will Find All Cuisines:

In big cities like Lagos, you will find all types of cuisines such a Chinese, Japanese, American and Indian. But do not miss out on Nigerian food and make sure to regulate the level of spice as their food is usually spicy. Their menu mostly consists of non-vegetarian items as only a small number of Nigerians are vegetarians but if you are a vegetarian, you still will find many meals on the menu which does not contain meat.

Learn About Local Religion and Laws:

This is a no-brainer that you need to be wary of the local laws applicable to you before you visit any country. Nigeria is tolerant of all religions. This country mostly consists of Christians and Muslims, but you will also find Hindus here.

Take Your Vaccination:

Do not forget to visit your doctor and vaccine yourself against yellow fever and other alignments. Carry mosquito repellents and lotions with you.

Visiting Nigeria can be an extremely rare and exhilarating experience. The extraordinary experiences you will gain visiting Nigeria will definitely change your entire perspective about this misrepresented country

Now you are ready to Travel To Nigeria.

Last Updated on March 20, 2022

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