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Things You Need to Consider Before Moving to New Zealand

New Zealand is a land of white clouds, long beaches of white sands, and long White Mountains. The nature reigns here than the humans. So, how about learning a few points about New Zealand before you actually move to the country? You can find good enough details on sites like provide you with good information, but here is a little insight into it. Let us elaborate them in finer detail.Seven things that you should know if you are planning on moving to New Zealand in the near future.Look at this place moving to New Zealand.

Moving to New Zealand

Of course, New Zealand is one of the prominent destinations and a beautiful one at that. But, if you are one of those who is looking to move to New Zealand as a permanent residence, you need to go through a few important factors. We will check out a few things you need to consider before you move into New Zealand.

7 Things to Consider Before Moving to New Zealand

New Zealand is Huge Enough

Looking on a map, you would find it smaller compared to the nations and countries surrounding it. But, it isn’t smaller. In fact, it has more to see than you can imagine. You can find a lot to do here, and that should be one of the best options you can go with. However, there is more nature than the humans here, as we already stated. The nation is 20,000 sq km larger than the UK, but has only 4.8 million people. Most of the countryside is free of human existence.

They have an Accent special to them

If you are new to New Zealand, you will find it practically difficult to understand the accent they use. You may be confused between the Australian, American and African accents. All this mix and match can throw you out of idea as what you just heard from a Kiwi. In many cases, the sounds like u and e sounds like.

There are a few slang specific to Kiwis

You may be an expert in spoken English and know most of the slang used in the English language. But, once again, Kiwis are different. Understanding their slang can be a little difficult. They have a lot of strange unheard of words, and they should be enough to confuse you to the core. There are several slangs like Jandals, wop wops and glad wrap. Get a dictionary of Kiwis slang if you can get one.

New Zealand belongs to the Maoris

Of course, the official language of the region is now English, but do remember that they are not original inhabitants of the land. New Zealand was comparatively the last land to be discovered, and Maoris are the original inhabitants of the region. The land was later invaded by the Dutch first and then British. As on date, only 14 percent of the Kiwis population is Maori. In fact, most of the names in the region are in the Maori language.

Barefoot is not to be ashamed of

If you are in New Zealand, you can step out of the house just barefoot. And it is considered to be quite normal. In fact, the rest of the world considers walking without footwear as something uncivilized; you would find it just cool and perfectly normal in New Zealand. So, as long as you are in the Kiwis, you need not to worry about the shoes.

Sunburn can happen really worst!

The Ozone layer over Australia and New Zealand is quite thin. Of course, the sun light may not be strong as it appears, but there is practically a lot of UV radiation involved. You should have the armor and parasol are one of the best options. We suggest you to be safer with proper care. Always ensure that you are taking enough precautions when going out even for a while. Even an hour under the sun can be risky enough.

There are frequent earthquakes

Before you move to New Zealand, it should be essential to understanding that the land is prone to a lot of earthquakes. It has several fault points throughout the surface. Perhaps, one of the reasons why this land was occupied quite late maybe these earthquakes alone though we cannot be sure. New Zealand sits on the Pacific ring of fire and thus experiences severe earthquakes quite frequently. Of course, most of them can be non risky, but there can be a few bigger ones every now and then.

In Conclusion

Well, if you are new to New Zealand, we assure you that you will not feel that way. The people from New Zealand are friendly. If you have been aware of how Australians are, you will find the Kiwis entirely different.

In any case, we assume the points we have outlined here should help you get the best ever experience with respect to moving to New Zealand. Make yourself accustomed to the ambiance of New Zealand and share your thoughts with us.

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