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Things You Must Know About Expat Maternity Insurance

If you are an expat and planning to have a baby then you must make sure that you are covered under an International Health Insurance Plan that takes care of all the expenses which includes pre-natal, post-natal, labor, delivery, and newborn care. If you are in a country where public health care system is not up to the standards, then surely you will need help of private hospitals.

Treatment in private hospitals can be very costly, and this is the reason you must look for different expat health insurance programs like the one from Now Health International and make a comparison between them. Once the list of all the insurance company is ready try to research and know about the facilities provided by them. Most of the international health insurers have a waiting period for maternity cover which means you have to apply for the policy when you start planning for your baby or before you conceive.

6 Things that you must know before taking up an expat maternity insurance:

1. Most of the insurers have a waiting period of 10-12 months for maternity insurance. Most importantly make a note of waiting period and its clauses for all the companies.

2. All the insurers have different definition of waiting period. Some simply mean that all your expenses of pregnancy will be covered after 8 months of joining while there are also companies which would say you cannot conceive within the 8 months starting from the joining date. So ask and make sure to clear the confusion.

3. Age limit is also something you must ask for because most of the international health insurers do not provide cover for women’s above the age of 44. They believe that after this age there can be a lot of complicacy and the expenses might be high.

4. You might have many complications during pregnancy period or at time of delivery. Do not forget to ask about the problems covered under the policy and those which are excluded.

5. Know about the congenital defects that come under the cover because there are companies who do not cover this kind of defects whereas some have time limit .

6. Newborn care also comes under insurance cover. Make sure to ask and know about every details of newborn treatment. The newborn care cover also have a time limit, say four weeks or so, after which he/she should also be covered under insurance with payment of additional premium. Know about the premium amount and its benefits.

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