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Top Attractions in Berlin Germany

Anyone who thinks of Berlin will also want to think of the many sights. Of course, the city offers a whole range of attractions due to its history. Including the Brandenburg Gate. Even if it looks a bit cliché, so you should spend time as a tourist and of course the many top attractions. Because these make Berlin only the metropolis the tourists and visitors would like to see. Much can be connected with Berlin, but above all, luxury and history. Every visitor should be able to see and feel these. This is a shortlist of the two best sights in Berlin. Learn all you need to know while visiting Top Attractions in Berlin, Germany.

top attractions in berlin

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Top attractions in Berlin

The TV tower is only number 3

In Berlin you can spend many beautiful hours, even if only look at the sights. Although it is considered a landmark, the TV tower is only at number 3 among the top attractions. After all, those who are looking for luxury in Berlin are naturally drawn to the KaDeWe where you can see the rich and upper people with their High Class Escorts Berlin. Here is the luxury home. Many beautiful shops are waiting for the visitors. But not only here you can experience Berlin, but also on the “Alexanderplatz” Berlin is directly felt. Here everyone can enjoy the shopping mile, which leads directly to the TV tower. Up there, Berlin can be viewed intensively. Everyone should treat themselves to a view over the city.

The “Mauerpark”

The “Mauerpark” is often underestimated as a landmark and attraction. Although many visitors go to the Brandenburg Gate, which dates back to the 18th century, there are also some special historical attractions in the “Mauerpark”. The “Mauerpark” does not have its name without reason. Because here the wall went through the city. This can still be seen and admired in original parts today. Everyone can touch a piece of wall here. Also a monument from this time is the Checkpoint Charlie, which is still today at the original place. And if you want to experience something of today’s Berlin, you only have to visit the Reichstag building. Because even that can be connected to the capital.

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