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7 Best Things Every Photographer Needs

Photography is the best way to frame your imagination and creativity into pictures. It is the art of capturing moments forever. And just like a fashionista loves to have a collection of trending outfits, makeup, and accessories; a photographer wants to have the best gear associated with their profession. Seven things every photographer needs
for travel. Here you will find a breakdown of the photography equipment.

Photography Equipment

Every photographer has his own way to flaunt these gears. Some like it to be professional, whereas others like to make them look trendier using various accessories and professionalization methods.

While there are endless numbers of photography gears available out there today, I have my own list when it comes to my selection.

Let me share these with you. I hope you’ll find your favorites in this list too.

Things Every Photographer Needs

1. Replacement Camera Straps

Holding cameras for a long can be painful and can cause strain on the neck. Here is where replacement camera straps come into play. Replacement straps can be worn from shoulder to hip that help distribute the weight all over the body. These are the perfect combination of security, comfort, and ease of access.

Replacement straps come in a variety of designs and styles depending on the support one needs. For instance, hand straps can be worn around the shoulder, whereas hip straps allow the photographer to go hands-free completely. Moreover, replacement camera straps are not only functional but a stylish accessory too.

2. Camera Bag

The first love of every photographer! Whether you are going for a mountain hike or a city stroll for your next shoot, a camera bag is a must for you. The best part is you get many options based on your personal preferences. Camera bags not only serve every photographer’s specific needs but also improve their individual style.

What’s more, you can make them look even trendier by customizing them with personalized lapel pins. Simply get a lapel pin customized at a store with the design of your choice and use it on your camera bags. These lapel pins can help you give a personalized touch to your camera bag, making it stand out.

3. Camera Rain Cover

Thanks to the camera rain cover that allows photographers to work even in heavy rains or storms. These are completely waterproof and protect your camera and lenses from dust, rain, snow, and other not predicted climatic conditions. A good quality rain cover is your CONFIDENCE that helps you shoot anywhere, even in the worst weather conditions.

Available in a range of styles and designs, each camera rain cover offers its own set of features, which generally include vinyl windows, attachable to the tripod, focusing flaps, and more. However, one should buy a camera rain cover according to the size of their camera. Browse the internet to find your ideal pick.

4. Camera Cleaning Kits

Just like any other professional, photographers love their gear and hence take utmost care to protect them. Yet, at some point, this equipment needs a good clean. Cleaning the photography gear not only makes them look good, but also helps the artist make the most out of it.

However, it’s not an easy job to clean precisely manufactured glass and metal. Professionals rely on a good quality cleaning kit to solve the purpose. Cleaning kits usually consist of a fine lens brush, cleaning fluid, an air blower, and a microfiber cloth. Each of these items serves a different but crucial purpose.

It is always a good practice to carry your camera cleaning kit wherever you go. You never know, you may need it anytime.

5. Photography Light Tent or Softbox

No, these are not temporary shelters where a photographer resides. Instead, a light tent is a must-have accessory for photographers who are usually involved in a product or still photography. A Light tent offers a clean and defined background to serve the needs of shooting small products.

These light tents offer allows a professional to separate their subject from any distraction and focus entirely on it. Light tent and Softbox is a fun photography accessory that offers hours of entertainment along with a sense of professional photography. These come in a range of sizes. The standard ones are usually one or two foot wide. With a light tent, you can take your still photography to the next level. Having a VND filter can bring out the colors in your images as well.


6. Photographer’s Gloves

What if you get your next assignment to shoot in the extreme cold of Iceland? Frozen? This is why you need photography gloves. While the requirements of gloves vary from photographer to photographer, gloves that are warm and ergonomic are usually more in demand.

Not only this, it is crucial that your gloves allow you to work freely. You should be able to use your camera, push extremely tiny buttons of the device, handle delicate filters, remove and insert SD cards, lenses, etc. Hence, it is good to choose gloves that fit your individual needs.

7.  Memory Card Holder

As the name suggests, a memory cardholder serves the purpose of keeping memory cards safe. These allow you to hold SD cards, micro SD cards, and CF cards. Memory cardholders also come in different styles and designs. Some of these come with clips or carabiners, which allow a photographer to ensure they stay attached to your bag for easy access.

Many memory card holders are waterproof and dustproof protecting the cards from water and dust. To treat memory cards that bounce in your pockets, having a superior quality memory card is essential.

Wrapping Up

This isn’t the end of my list. I have a few more to name including tripod legs, spider camera holster, and filters. Photographers love to buy photography equipment and gadgets and even they never go out of options.

The increasing popularity of photography has made it crucial for manufacturers to come up with photography equipment and gadgets to serve the various needs of a photographer. I hope this list will help you find the next travel photography gear you are dying to buy.


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