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Things To Do in Dubai: 5 Top Most Exciting Spots to Visit in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most exciting and attractive city in the world which has become the no. 1 attraction for the people around the globe. Today, only the name of Dubai is enough to tell that how much prestigious and worldwide renowned this city is. The city became really famous for its vast real estate businesses, thrilling and charming sights and world’s biggest shopping mall named, Dubai Mall. Dubai has everything which one could dream to have in his dear city that is why most of the people plan a trip to Dubai to have best tourism experiences. To experience it better you can rent a car for a month. To everybody’s wonder, Dubai holds most of the world records like it has world’s tallest building called Burj Khalifa, the world’s biggest Dubai Mall and the record of world’s largest water screen projection. Dubai is an enormous heaven where you can enjoy hundreds of beautiful spots but here we go with best among them.Five of the best things to do in Dubai during your next trip.You will love checking out these places.

Things To Do in Dubai

Things To Do in Dubai: 5 Top Most Exciting Spots to Visit in Dubai

Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building of the world which is about 829.8 meters high comprising of 124 floors. This building got completed in 2010 and soon after that, the tourism ratio rose to the skies. The elevators inside give 365 degree view of everything near Burj Khalifa to the large distant places. The cloud piercing height and the tremendous amount of aluminum used, that is equal to five A380 aircrafts, make Burj Khalifa amazingly incredible. It is a fun fact that about 12,000 workers used to work daily in order to construct Burj Khalifa since 2004. It is completely wow that one can view the tip of Burj Khalifa from 95 kilometers away which is surely such a large distance. The 124th floor of Burj Khalifa is called observation Deck where one could reach so fast from the ground floor in just one minute and the credit completely goes to the mechanism on which elevators are built. These are some very impressive facts of Burj Khalifa but a lot more are there to be known, that is why people visit Dubai to witness this beauty from their eyes.

Burj Al Arab

Among all the other wonders of Dubai, Burj Al Arab is another one which holds a record of world’s tallest hotel. This iconic landmark is located Jumeirah Road just near Dubai Coastline. With a height of 321 meters, this hotel is one of the most expensive hotels in world where one night expense is whooping $15,000. The choreographed lightings light up each evening and the view around the hotel. You can have an exterior look of hotel by visiting the artificial island around where it is located. Palm Jumeirah is the most famous spot in Dubai whose view could be observed from the skyview bar at the 27th floor of Burj Al Arab. Though the hotel is much expensive but there are bit activities which one could enjoy within limit amount of money.

Desert Safari

The Desert Safari is the best place to visit once if you visit Dubai because it would give you one of best tourism experience. The second name of Desert Safari is also dune bashing in which you may enjoy camping, camel rides and Lebanese cuisine. Regular pick and drop is provided to the visitors who forget about all the things and enjoy the moments they live while staying in Desert Safari Dubai.

Dubai Marina

This is the world’s largest man made marina where you can enjoy literally each facility as it has everything around it from tall buildings to the water bodies. One can enjoy the dhow cruise dinner in marina sea &sails in the water too because Dubai Marina Yacht Club is also offering yacht rental for everyone to enjoy. The packages are different for the tourists and citizens of Dubai to experience the beauty of Dubai Marina accordingly.

Dubai is so vast and beautiful city of United Arab Emirates, all you need is to plan a trip to experience world’s best spots and sights. The beauty of Dubai would definitely mesmerize you which will be a lifetime supreme adventure of your life.

Dubai Mall

Shopping malls had been always an attraction for the people because of the access to all the things at one place. Dubai holds multiple world records and Dubai Mall is one of them which is considered to be the huge most shopping mall worldwide. Full of fun and entertainment opportunities, Dubai mall has a gaming zone, ice skating rink, underwater zoo, theme park, waterfall and a cinema complex along with easy access to Dubai Aquarium and Burj Khalifa. A number of varieties exist in Dubai mall where food, fashion and fun everything is endless and excitement has no limits in Dubai mall because of 150 restaurants and more than 1200 outlets.

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