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Things You Didn’t Know About Greece – Europe Travel

People are used to hearing about Greece either because of the ancient gods, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades among others, or the Greek philosophers that brought us so much knowledge. However, there’s   a lot more to Greece than meets the eye. Four fun facts that you probably didn’t know about Greece travel. Take a look at this article to learn all about Europe Travel.

About Greece


Olive oil has multiple uses, from salad dressing, beauty products, medicine, to martini garnishes. Olives were first cultivated in the Greek island of Crete. It is believed that the oldest olive tree, dating back over 5000 years, is found in Pano Vouves, Kolymvari, Chania. At the moment, there are over 120 million olive trees in Greece, making it the world’s largest exporter. Some of the trees have been alive since the 16th century and continue producing till today. Other than olives, Feta cheese, marble, Greek yogurt and sea sponges are also some of Greece’s best known exports.


Greece is a tourist’s dream. To begin with, there are over 250 days of sun in Greece. This makes it one of the sunniest places to visit on earth. There are also about 2000 islands, although only 166-220 of them are habitable. Each island has a little something to offer for the aspiring tourist. Crete is Greece’s largest island, while Santorini is well known for its villas and the hotels. Mykonos is known for its epic parties while Hydra is the place to be if you are looking for incredible beaches.

Other tourist attractions include the various historical monuments such as the Greek theater and Mount Olympus, which was said to be the seat of the gods. You can have a look at Voyage Prive Greece and find something that works for you.

About Greece


In Greece, girls really do run the world. According to a census conducted in 2011, about 55% of the Greek population is female. As a result, about 65% of all university students and mid-level management positions are occupied by women.  Women also live longer, to an average age of 82 while men live to an average 77 years.

Weird traditions

For all their modernity, the Greeks have a bunch of weird traditions and superstitions. While the rest of the world believes that black cats carry bad luck, Greeks believe if they cross a grave, they have the power to raise the dead.

They also believe that waving your hands is a sign of insult. There is a thing called Moutza, where by simply waving your hand in a certain manner, you would be giving the worst insult in the land.

Older Greeks also believe that spitting chases away evil and bad luck. This is the reason why they spit three times upon receiving bad news. Older Greeks will also spit on you as a compliment, to keep you shielded from evil in a tradition called Mati.

Whatever your reason to visit Greece may be, it is one of the best destinations in Europe travel. The tradition, the various islands and the beautiful sunny days are some of the best in the world.

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