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Theme Restaurants in NYC – Taking it Up a Notch

Theme restaurants can be a bit corny with a negative connotation to them. Just thinking of going to one makes one feel you’ll be part of the herd that follows the marketing, corporate push to get people to visit these restaurants. And worse of all, be labeled as a ‘dumb tourist’ even if its in your hometown.

Maybe so! However, it really depends on where you go.

Theme Restaurants in NYC

Why Going to Theme Restaurants in NYC is a Good Way to Experience Something Out of the Ordinary

I say, fuget about it and join the herd of people that look for the DIFFERENT type of restaurants that you will never find anywhere other than the place you are visiting.

kid friendly restaurants in nyc
Welcome Committe

This is exactly what the Jeckyll and Hyde Club is all about.

When I told my dad I’m taking the family out to Jeckyll and Hyde, he immediately plopped his butt in front of the computer and started looking for reviews about it. Of course, when it comes to food they were mediocre, compared to the other insanely amazing restaurants NYC has to offer.

With that he refused to go! Until I said, Jeckyll and Hyde restaurant isn’t at all about the food, but 100% about the experience. And I promise you, you’ll have a time of your life.

And was I ever right.

Kid friendly restaurants in NYC aren’t as easy to find as one would think. Yes there are thousands of places to eat here, but only a few that really make the night completely unforgettable – for kids and big kids.

That’s why this was my number one choice.

The ‘haunted’ restaurant is designed with artifacts to spook and freak you out, with live shows throughout the day. Randomly acted out. You never know what will be the next show, keeping you in suspense.

family friendly restaurants nyc - jeckyll and hyde club
Frankenstein Comes Alive

There are hidden rooms (the bathroom) which are almost impossible to get in, with ghosts appearing in mirrors.

kid friendly restaurants in nyc - jeckyll and hyde
Main entrance to the bathroom

Can you find where the doors to the male and female bathrooms are?

theme restaurants in nyc- jeckyll and hyde club
Where are the doors?

Talking dolls will tell you scary stories.

jeckyll and hyde club times square nyc
Two-headed talking doll

Talking animal heads and skeletal musicians will amuse you.

jeckyll and hyde nyc entertainment

And zombies will come out of the woodwork.

haunted restaurants of nYC

And at the end, the food was actually delicious. Way better than any kid theme restaurant we’ve ever been to, and it was so much fun, that I’d do it all over again and even my dad.

kid friendly restaurant and food, nyc

Theme Restaurants in NYC – Family Friendly Restaurants in NYC



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