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Family Travel – Swimming at a Waterpark, Xocomil Guatemala

Last week I talked about my wonderful family travel in Xetulul, a fantastic theme park, the best in Central America. But that was only half of the story. Because Xetulul has a sister,  Here are more top family activities for … Continue reading

Things to Do in Guatemala – Family Adventure in Xetulul

Now that I’m living in this Central American country I wanted to explore as many things to do in Guatemala as I could, and Xetulul Theme Park caught my eye because everyone in Guatemala is talking about it. So one weekend … Continue reading

Panaca – A Hot Adventure!

Two themes last with you throughout your Panaca experience: * Heat * Walking No matter what you do you will never escape either one or both of these recurring elements. The fee at the door is $15 per person with … Continue reading

Costa Rica Daily Photo – Hungry Fish at an Amusement Park

At the Amusement Park in Costa Rica (Parque de Diversiones) is a man made lake to ride a little boat on. At the other end of it is one scary site! Hundreds upon hundreds of huge goldfish swimming allover each … Continue reading

Amusement Park Costa Rica Style

Please sign up for my RSS feedand find me on twitter @marinavillatoro I took my son on a last bang before his mid-school break was over to Parque de Diversiones, the Tico version of an amusement park. And to be … Continue reading

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