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The US States that See the Most Tourism and Offer the Biggest Thrills

The US has fifty states, but some don’t interest many people. You don’t usually hear someone say they want to spend their yearly vacation exploring Alaska or Wyoming.

Let’s talk about some of the states that have the most to offer if you want to visit during your family vacation. These states have allure and plenty of vacation attractions you should enjoy.

miami view from rusty pelican miami biscayne key


Florida has retirement communities but also plenty of action tourists crave. You can check out some of the exclusive gated communities in Melbourne, Florida if you want a bungalow with lots of amenities and beach access.

You might also stay in a larger city like Miami or Orlando. You can go explore some of the bigger amusement parks Florida offers, such as the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. You can go there with your kids, or maybe you want to visit by yourself if you like the book series and want to imagine yourself as a student at Hogwarts.

You can visit Walt Disney World Resort with its many classic rides. You must fight the crowds sometimes, but it’s worth the wait to experience the Haunted Mansion or the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

SeaWorld Orlando provides plenty of thrills, as you can see aquatic behemoths up close and personal. You might head to Bush Gardens Tampa Bay and ride some of the spine-tingling roller coasters there.

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New York

New York has an upstate area that you can visit in the fall. The leaves change during autumn, and you can surround yourself with gorgeous red, yellow, and brown foliage. You can go on hayrides, pick apples, or enjoy some homemade pies from a roadside stand.

You can fly or drive into New York City and catch a Yankee game at the Stadium in the Bronx. Maybe you’ll see the boys in pinstripes take on their hated rivals, the Boston Red Sox. You can catch a Giants or Jets game at MetLife Stadium in nearby East Rutherford, New Jersey, as well.

You can eat at some of the country’s best restaurants, like the legendary Strip House. The steaks don’t come any better than the porterhouse there, big enough so two people can eat their fill. Maybe you’ll visit Veselka in the Village and try some of the delicious perogies.


Las Vegas welcomes tourists year-round, and you can visit the casinos or walk along the strip and talk with people from all around the country. You’ll find clubs with Elvis-themed lounge acts, or you might see one of the Cirque du Soleil attractions.

You can grab a Las Vegas charter bus and go to the Grand Canyon for the day. You must see it at least once during your life. When you get back, you can spend an evening at Sammy Hagar’s Cabo Wabo Cantina. The enormous burritos enjoy legendary status.


Pennsylvania features Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, two of the best US cities. In Pittsburgh, you might see a Pirates game during the season. You can sit in the PNC Park bleachers and look at the whole downtown area spread out before you. Maybe you’ll go to a Steelers game at Heinz Field instead.

You can visit the Andy Warhol Museum and see some of the great artist’s most notable works. You might head to Primanti Brothers in Oakland, close to the University of Pittsburgh campus. Eat your fill with one of their giant sandwiches while the Cathedral of Learning towers overhead. You can shoot pool at nearby Uncle Jimmy’s bar.

If you head to Philadelphia instead, you can visit the Liberty Bell, an American icon. You can choose a philly cheesesteak from either Pat’s or Geno’s, the two feuding restaurants. Each Philly resident likes either one or the other, and you can hear them argue about each one’s merits.

You might see the Phillies play or go to Lincoln Financial Field, which locals call “The Link,” to see the Eagles play during football season. You can go to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, which boasts some incredible pieces from many different eras and in myriad styles.

We should also mention Hawaii, which has beautiful, white sand beaches, and Texas, where you can enjoy some of the country’s best barbecue. America has many states worth visiting, and you must take some time and choose one that appeals to you. You’ll want one that matches your interests, whether you like art, music, sports, or something else entirely.

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