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The Ultimate Travel Guide for Foodies

Food tourism is becoming one of the most popular reasons to jet set around the world, biting into what the world has to offer. From buffets in Las Vegas to banh mi in Vietnam, culinary delights are ready to be explored in every corner of the globe. This being said, it is sometimes hard to know where the best places to visit truly are to get the heart of what that country offers. Here is the ultimate travel guide that every foodie will want to read.

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Top 4 Food Travel Destinations 

There is no universal list of the best food travel destinations, as every foodie has their own unique palate and preferences. The local cuisines of France or Belgium may appeal to those with an acutely sweet tooth, while travelers who enjoy spicy meals may prefer India or Thailand. In general, you should choose a food trip based on your own personal culinary interests. There are many local specialties available in almost every popular tourist destination, which offer a variety of tastes, textures, and aromas.

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Egypt – Cairo

There are many exceptional street food and urban snack vendors in Cairo, which is unlike other traditional food travel destinations. These include falafel, shawarma, kushari, and more. Travelers can sample Middle Eastern specialties at an affordable price since many of these dishes are not yet popularized in the U.S.

Italy – Tuscany

Known for its fresh ingredients and family-style meals, Italy is often called the “home of cooking.” There are plenty of rustic Italian eateries in Tuscany, filled with hard cheeses, stuffed plates of pasta, seafood dishes, and more. These are sure to please food lovers looking for intimate dining experiences. Wine lovers who love Chianti, Montalcino, and Montepulciano must also visit this food travel destination.

Thailand – Bangkok

Bangkok is often cited as a top culinary adventure destination by those focused on authentic street food, as the sidewalks (and waterways) are full of vendors hawking their finest delicacies day and night. Among the best places to find authentic Thai food in Bangkok are Tha Kha floating markets, which sell everything from Khai jiao to pad thai.

Japan – Tokyo

While sushi is often associated with Japanese cuisine, the country actually boasts one of the most varied menus. In addition, Tokyo is the home to the greatest number of Michelin-starred restaurants in a single city. However, the local street vendors in Tokyo are well known for their sweet snacks as well as their savory foods.

How To Plan Your Next Food Trip

Many cuisine hunters attend local food festivals, take cooking lessons, and visit Michelin-starred restaurants while traveling for food, in addition to eating in Michelin-starred restaurants. Culinary travelers spend nearly 48% more on trips than typical vacationers, which makes it important for them to enjoy free or low-cost activities between meals.

Around the World Cooking

It is possible to gain a valuable understanding of another culture through food travel. As you sample exotic dishes, learn about regional cooking and preparation techniques, so you understand local customs and traditions. You can also gain a greater understanding of what makes regional foods so special by signing up for culinary tours.

Research Your Destination

The best way to prepare for a food-related trip is to research your destination well before you depart. By doing so, not only can you narrow down the restaurants and local specialties you intend to try, but you can also ensure the ingredients used in your meals are fresh. Be sure to plan your travel according to the season when you will be visiting a country so that you can experience its authentic cuisine at its best. 

Read Food Travel Blogs

The social media and blogging activities of culinary-minded vacationers have contributed to the growth of food travel. Food travel guides for specific destinations are often authored by experienced foodies who provide a comprehensive look at restaurants and local cuisine. Your upcoming culinary adventure will be made easier with this type of online content, which can help you find hidden restaurants that you might otherwise miss.

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