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The Ultimate TikTok Packing Hacks You Need to Try Before You Fly

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March 2022 saw some major airlines change their hand luggage requirements. The likes of Ryanair, easyJet and Jet2 announced that passengers can only take one piece of hand luggage on the plane for free, so long as it fits under the seat in front of you – wheels and handles included. 

The weight and dimensions of your available luggage may vary depending on your chosen airline, but now, if you wish to take a larger bag, you must request a seat with additional legroom or specify this when booking – although both come with additional charges. 

So, to combat those airport queues and avoid additional fees, whilst still having all your outfit options on hand, Casumo have compiled just some of the viral TikTok packing hacks that you’ll definitely want to try before you fly. 

Get your passport at the ready, because you’re about to learn how to travel with more, for less…

Roll, roll, roll! 

The age-old fold vs roll debate has been settled by packing experts and TikTok trends alike. 

By rolling your clothes, not only will you save space, but you’ll significantly reduce the amount of creases your outfits develop whilst travelling. 

As far as viral packing hacks go, @mrsblinks seemed to steal the show after filming herself fitting an incredible amount of clothes into a small suitcase, proving that rolling is the way to rock. 

Packing cubes are your best friend

Another TikToker, known as @scorpionbabygirl, gave the gift that keeps on giving to fellow long-term travellers, when she managed to fit eight months’ worth of clothes into a single packing cube! 

The small cube fit 20 outfits inside, still leaving room for the cube itself to be packed alongside any toiletries and chargers you might need. 

The toiletry dilemma 

Speaking of toiletries, when travelling with carry-on luggage, Government guidelines state that no liquid can be filled more than 100ml, and you cannot take more than one litre in total. 

To combat this, many travellers buy their toiletries when they get to their destination, taking only the necessities in their carry-on. 

However, another TikToker, @emmamahonn, went viral with her hack – changing the toiletry game for good. 

She suggested using the Click and Collect feature on an online shop to purchase your specific liquids, collecting these at your chosen shop once through security, never again paying airport prices! 

Pillows fly for free

Did you know you can take a pillow on a plane for free? According to @nolimitua, filling your pillowcase with clothes so you can take more outfits is a trick that’s been used on many flights. However, flight attendants may start cracking down on this method if it gets too popular. 

To overcome this, @anayotothe stuffed all her extra clothes inside a travel neck pillow, reminding her followers to “get a pillow with a zipper for easy stuffing”. 

Compression bags

For ultimate space-saving, vacuum packing might seem like the way forward. However, taking a vacuum with you on your travels will take up so much space that it’ll no doubt defeat the object. 

Another take on vacuum packing, and viral TikTok trend, is compression bags. Simply place your clothes in the bag, roll out the air and pack! 

Saving space has never been so simple! Although, you’ll want to pack a travel iron or steamer, or you’ll be spending your holiday covered in creased clothing. 

It’s clear there are so many ways to save space, time and money when travelling. Whilst you’ve probably got your own tricks up your sleeves, thanks to the modern age of social media, we can try even more viral packing hacks and get flying in no time! 

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