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The Ultimate Bucket List: The 8 Best Travel Tours in the World

Do you want to take a trip to a foreign country? If you never have, you should!Traveling abroad helps enhance your views and knowledge of the world. You’ll see amazing sights, meet amazing people, and overall have an unforgettable experience.But here’s the issue when traveling abroad – you’re a long way from home.Eight best travel tours in the world and plan your next vacation.Travel tours offer a great way to explore places most people never see.

Things are done differently in foreign countries. From social customs to attire to paying for goods and services, you’ll experience some bumps along the traveling road.

That’s why a tour will help you tremendously. You’re with other travelers and you’ll have a trusted tour guide take all stress away.

So why wait? Start traveling! If you’re looking for the best travel tours, embark on these 8 adventures!

Best Travel Tours in the World

1. Antarctic Peninsula

You can’t conveniently access Antarctica by hopping a plane and taking an Uber to your hotel. If you wish to look upon penguins and icebergs, it’s recommended you embark on a tour throughout the Antarctic Peninsula.

An Antarctic tour guide is more beneficial than taking you to the ice caps without sinking the ship. They’re knowledgeable about different types of wildlife and nature.

2. Morocco

Morocco is one of the best countries to visit. Morocco has the best of everything: beaches, mountains, and dessert. The city life is also booming and amazing.

There’s plenty of history. And the food is amazing!

The most reliable way to experience the best of Morocco is by hiring a tour guide.

There are many types of Moroccan tours. There are tours that specialize in history, others that specialize in the city life, and others that focus on nature and natural sights.

3. Peru

If there’s one country in South America that everyone should visit, it’s Peru. Peru is one of the most historic countries. It also offers some incredible beauty and food.

Peru is also home to one of the seven wonders of the world – Machu Picchu.

Don’t think Machu Picchu is the only sight in this amazing country. A tour can take you to this historic location as well as the Sacred Valley, Cusco, and Ollantaytambo.

4. Nepal

The Himalayan Mountains is one of the world’s greatest treks. But it’s not an easy climb. The Himalayans have many high peaks and glaciers. The harsh weather mixed with the climbing challenge can be too much, even for a seasoned climber.

Are you an inexperienced climber? Or do you prefer having a guide show you the tricks? Hiring a guide in Nepal will help you conquer one of the biggest challenges in the world.

But what about the rest of Nepal? Nepal is filled with amazing sights, a lively culture, and quaint villages. Whether or not you’re conquering the Himalayans, a tour guide will bring this amazing country to life.

5. Madagascar

If you love eyeing exotic animals, Madagascar is the country to visit. Madagascar is home to your average animals, such as monkeys. But Madagascar also hosts amazing animals such as elephants and zebras.

But the last thing you want is to photograph an antelope right as it’s attacked by a lion – and also become the lion’s dinner. Madagascar is also home to other dangerous animals such as rhinos, boa constrictors, and hyenas.

The best way to avoid these dangerous encounters is by hiring a tour guide, who knows the places to avoid and when to avoid them.

Madagascar is overall a beautiful country and a tour guide can show you the most breath-taking spots.

6. Myanmar

When thinking of an amazing vacation experience, Myanmar is probably the last country on your list. But Myanmar is a place to add to any bucket list.

Myanmar, also called Burma, is a beautiful country. The cities are beautiful, there’s so much history, the people are friendly, and the food is spectacular.

There are also some unique sights, such as the floating gardens of Inle Lake.

In order to gain the most from this country, hire a tour guide. They will take you to the best spots.

7. China

A trip to China is on the bucket lists of many. From the Great Wall to eating some of the best food in the world, China is a treasured experience. But China also has some negative qualities.

It’s crowded, there are many tourists, and there’s lots of pollution.

In order to get the best China experience, hire a tour guide. They will take you to the must-see spots and know when to beat the crowds. They will also take you to the hidden gems, something a traditional internet search won’t reveal!

8. Vietnam

After your trip to China, take a ride a little south to Vietnam. Vietnam is a country like no other. Their largest cities, even the capital of Hanoi, feel very home-like. The people are extremely welcoming and friendly.

Vietnam is also one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Mountains tower the land, surrounding rivers and lush jungles.

There’s also plenty of history from the Vietnam War. Go through the Cu Chi Tunnels of the Viet Cong. You can even shoot an AK47!

And can we emphasize Vietnamese food? Let’s hope you like pho because you’ll be eating a lot of it!

With so much to do in Vietnam, it’s hard to fit everything into your schedule. This is where a tour guide comes in. See more here and discover the benefits of taking a tour through Vietnam.

Experience the Best Travel Tours

Whether you want to experience wild animals in Africa or you want to walk in historic Peru, the world has incredible sights for everyone.

But a normal person doesn’t know where a certain river or mountainous range is. The easiest way to travel is by taking a tour.

Certain countries offer the best travel tours. Now that you know where to go, it’s time to be a world traveler!

Are you still planning your next big trip abroad? Read some travel tips and have the best time exploring the world!

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