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The Ultimate 2020 Croatia Travel Guide

Did you know that a trip can make you happier and reduce stress? Consider traveling abroad for your next vacation this year.Looking for a sailing getaway? A food and wine escape? An adventure in the great outdoors?Discover the ultimate Croatia travel guide here.

Are you looking for a Croatia travel guide? Not to worry! In this article, we’ll go over what you should see when you head to Croatia.

Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out.

Croatia Travel Guide

Croatia Travel Guide

Visit Dubrovnik

If you love history, you’ll want to check out this famous city in Croatia. Dubrovnik is popular because it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Also, Game of Thrones used Dubrovnik Old Town as King’s Landing. Many scenes got filmed there for the HBO hit fantasy show.

If you loved that series, you could go on a Game of Thrones walking tour. The guides get dressed in costume and bring you to the filming locations.

Enjoy the Old Town by visiting churches and taking in the medieval stone buildings. Pick up something tasty to eat at one of the many bars and restaurants. Don’t forget to explore the city’s alleyways.

Head to Korčula

You can leave mainland Croatia and head to some of the country’s stunning islands.

If you want some time away from all the crowds, definitely consider this as a side trip. Korčula is a laid back island filled with charm.

Rent bicycles so you can explore the island. There are tons of famous wineries, known for their white wines.

Find out ahead of time when they are open to the public. Some of the wineries are open for tour groups and not individual travelers.

Relax and head to the beach. Enjoy the turquoise Mediterranean waters and go for a swim.

Don’t Forget Split

Split is another famous old town in Croatia. You’ll want to visit the Old Town city center and visit the remnants from Diocletian’s Palace.

After getting built in the 4th century AD, the palace had many functions from a military camp to a summer house. Due to its unique history, in 1979, it became a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Inside the palace, consider checking out the Cathedral of Saint Domnius. It was first built as a mausoleum, but over the years it got converted into a church.

Check out the narrow alleyways and have a bite to eat before climbing the old bell tower. There you can take an epic picture of the city.

If you like to hike, consider climbing Marjan Hill before the sunset. This will give you time away from the bustling city.

Try going there late in the afternoon so you can catch a stunning sunset over the sea and Old Town.

For nature lovers, you won’t want to miss Krka National Park. It’s not far from Split. You can walk the park on your own without a tour guide.

Istria Peninsula

Head to the northern part of Croatia, also known as the Istria Peninsula. The Istria Peninsula was part of Italy after WWI.

Following WWII, it became part of Yugoslavia. Today, it’s part of Croatia, and the locals are of Croatian and Italian descent.

This region isn’t as well-traveled, but you can head there to enjoy history and delicious food. This region’s known for growing truffles, a delicacy due to their unique and intense flavor.

Consider heading to Pula, the largest city in this region. You can relax on the beaches and visit the Roman ruins.

Check out the Pula Arena, which looks like Rome’s Colosseum. The Pula Arena is the last Roman amphitheater with all four side towers preserved.

Take a Drive Down the Jadranska Magistrala

This route, also called the Adriatic Highway, is a popular road trip along the coast. You will get stunning sights of the ocean and mountains.

This road is part of the European Road 65, and the longest part is in Montenegro and Croatia. Parts of it extend into Slovenia and Bosnia.

The road begins in Italy and ends in Montenegro. You will find some construction and renovations along the way, but the road is around 1000 km long.

When Should You Travel to Croatia?

If you prefer the sunshine, travel during the summer months to make the most of the coasts.

Do you have a flexible schedule? Travel to Croatia when students are still in school. Visit Croatia in September, May, or June.

You can avoid the crowds and high heat. You may get a better price on accommodations as well.

If you prefer sightseeing, you may want to head there during the colder season. You could get exhausted while traipsing around historical sites in the summer.

The benefit of going to Croatia during peak season is you’ll get to see more outdoor cultural events.

If you intend to go hiking and biking, head to Croatia during the fall. You will get to enjoy the beautiful national parks.

In the wintertime, the coastal areas remain quite mild. You will still get to enjoy the sights and may catch a bargain on accommodations and flights. Most places do shut down during the winter.

At Christmas, the cities and towns host lots of festive events. Inland Croatia will be a lot colder in the wintertime.

Outside of the summer months, there are fewer ferries and flights to Croatia. Learn more about the places you can visit.

Now You Have a Croatia Travel Guide

We hope you found this guide on Croatia helpful. Use this Croatia travel guide when planning your next trip abroad.

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