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The Top Ten Underrated Family Holidays

Summer is the perfect time to begin planning your family holiday and while there are plenty of popular destinations you can choose from, why not make this year’s vacation something special by choosing an underrated spot? While it might take a little more research to uncover these hidden gems, the rewards will be worth it – especially when you discover amazing places that offer unique activities and experiences. 

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Here are ten underrated family holidays to consider for this summer: 

1. Camping Adventure In The USA

Get back to nature with a camping adventure across America’s beautiful landscapes. Boasting dozens of national parks and forests, there are plenty of stunning spots just waiting to be discovered on your next family vacation. Plus, the USA features plentiful accommodation options and activities to keep everyone entertained during your outdoor excursion. 

Of course, this isn’t to say it can’t be a luxurious vacation – with a generator for camping you’ll be able to cook, have hot water, and plug in your appliances. 

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2. Boat Trips In Croatia

Travelers seeking adventure should consider booking a boat trip along Croatia’s coastline. This stunning part of Europe offers untouched beauty with stunning beaches, islands, and villages to explore as your vessel sails through crystal-clear waters.

 Plus, the boat will provide plenty of space for all your family and friends so you can relax and enjoy each other’s company while basking in the Adriatic sunshine. 

3. Whale Watching In South Africa 

Nothing compares to the awe-inspiring sight of a whale breaching the surface of the ocean off South Africa‘s shores. This experience is sure to be magical as you watch these majestic creatures frolic in their natural environment. 

From September to January, both humpback and southern right whales can be spotted near Cape Town, making this an unforgettable holiday activity. 

4. Exploring Mayan Ruins In Mexico

Take your kids on a journey back through time by visiting some of Mexico‘s ancient Mayan ruins or the many Mexican landmarks. From the majestic pyramids at Chichen Itza to the unique underwater sculptures of Xcaret, this country offers plenty of fascinating sites to explore. 

Plus, Mexico features several beaches along its Caribbean Coast where you can take a break after a day of sightseeing. 

5. Enjoying Natural Wonders In New Zealand

Admire some of Mother Nature’s finest creations by exploring New Zealand‘s incredible natural wonders. This diverse landscape offers hot springs, glaciers, geysers, and even active volcanoes that are sure to captivate your children’s imaginations. 

And if your kids tire from all the hiking, be sure to make time to visit one of Kiwi Country’s lovely beaches. 

6. Surfing In Bali

Get your family’s adrenaline pumping by heading to the surfing paradise of Bali. This Indonesian island is ideal for beginner and intermediate surfers, with numerous spots around the coastline providing gentle waves perfect for learning how to catch a wave. 

For those who don’t want to get wet, you can marvel at the stunning scenery from a nearby beach or take an ATV tour into the lush jungle interior. 

7. Stunning Landscapes In Iceland 

Iceland is known for its stunning landscapes and although it’s become more popular in recent years, there are still plenty of interesting places and activities awaiting exploration here. 

Take your family on a thrilling road trip across this unique island and allow your kids to marvel at the powerful waterfalls, glaciers and geothermal pools that dot the landscape. 

8. Scenic Cycling In France 

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life by heading to rural France for a cycling holiday. The country’s charming countryside is perfect for leisurely rides around vineyards, lavender fields, and quaint villages where you can sample some local delicacies or simply sit back and enjoy the stunning views. 

9. Exploring Ancient Sites In Greece

Home to some of the world’s oldest civilizations, Greece is brimming with fascinating archaeological sites to explore. 

History buffs will love traveling back through time while visiting ancient ruins like the Acropolis or the Temple of Poseidon, while younger family members can enjoy spotting secluded coves along the Mediterranean coast.  

10. Wildlife Safaris In Kenya

Get close-up encounters with Africa’s incredible wildlife on a safari tour in Kenya. This beautiful country offers plenty of opportunities for spotting big cats, elephants, and other animals roaming about their natural habitats — making it one of the best places to teach your children about wildlife preservation. 

Plus, you can stay in a tent near the savanna for an unforgettable adventure like no other.  

In Conclusion 

Exploring different countries and cultures around the world is a great way to spend quality time with your family. From Iceland’s breathtaking landscapes to Thailand’s sparkling islands, there are plenty of amazing places for an unforgettable holiday experience. No matter where you choose to go, these destinations can provide lifelong memories that will stay with your family forever.

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