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The Top 5 Secrets to All-Inclusive Cruising

Sailing across swathes of sunlit ocean, waking up to a new destination every day and luxuriating in comfortable surroundings – cruises offer a sense of freedom, space and unlimited adventure.  

But for some passengers, hidden costs can cause uncertainty and anxiety. Traditional cruises often include onboard dining and entertainment, but may exclude add-ons such as drinks, service charges, Wifi and trips onshore. 

If you’re looking for a holiday that’s completely free from spending worries, it’s well worth considering an all-inclusive cruise. The total upfront cost includes all onboard hospitality and entertainment, as well as excursions, service charges and port fees.  

This means you can take advantage of all that a cruise has to offer without worrying about blowing your holiday budget at the bar on the very first night.  

Sounds tempting? We’ve delved a little deeper into five secret benefits of an all-inclusive cruise: 

  1. You can completely relax 

With no worries over unexpected costs, you can focus on total relaxation. Whether that means enjoying an aromatherapy massage in the onboard spa or soaking up the salt-scented sea views on a Greek island like Santorini, a little bit of downtime is what holidays are all about. 

Choosing an all-inclusive cruise means your onboard food, drink and entertainment are completely taken care of, as well as selected excursions, classes, spa treatments, port fees and even tips for cruise staff. So, all you need to think about is what to try next from the cocktail menu, or whether there’s enough room in your suitcase for all those holiday treasures you’ve had your eye on. 

It also means that when your trip comes to an end, you can ease back into normal life without worrying about having overspent while you were away. 

  1. It keeps things super simple 

No more working out tips, exchange rates or port fees. You won’t be asked to sign a receipt for everything you consume, and you don’t need to worry about having enough cash on you either, because any charges are all factored into the initial cost.  

Need to do some laundry? Consider it done and delivered back to your cabin door. Want to showcase a new hairstyle for the last night of your trip? Your wish is the ship salon’s command. And if you’re traveling with children, any kids’ clubs, craft sessions and activities will be included too. You’ll also be able to keep in touch with family and friends back home without worrying about extra WiFi charges. 

All-inclusive cruise packages keep things simple and convenient. And with money off your mind, you can focus on whatever magical sight is hiding around the next corner.  

  1. You can make the most of excursions 

The convenience of an all-inclusive cruise means your time and budget are freed up to make the most of each stop on your trip.  

Cruising the Aegean? All-inclusive packages in this part of the world typically include the cost of visits to key sights such as the Minoan Palace of Knossos, the volcanic islands near Santorini and the ancient Byzantine wonders in Thessaloniki. With the cost of these excursions already accounted for before you set sail, you can relax and enjoy them to the full. 

That means you can save your pennies to buy a present for someone back home, grab a snack to keep you well fueled during the day’s sightseeing, or enjoy a cool glass of wine at a local taverna before you re-embark. It can also give you the option to try a new activity like kayaking, paddle boarding or scuba diving with the full assurance that your holiday budget will remain intact. 

  1. You can enjoy all the cruise ship has to offer 

With everything paid for upfront, there’ll be no limit to your enjoyment of your time onboard. Many cruise ships offer a host of facilities to enjoy onboard, including pools, spas, saunas and even salons. So, while you’re not exploring ancient ruins or swimming in a secluded bay, you can learn a new dance, join a quiz team or indulge in a pedicure. 

And when it comes to drinking and dining, you can consider holiday mode well and truly activated. For many cruise lovers, top chefs and tempting menus are all part of the draw, with the chance to try a new type of cuisine every night. With an all-inclusive deal you can make the most of the range of dishes on offer, accompanied by classic cocktails and wines, without worrying about the bill at the end of the meal. 

  1. You’ll make memories to last a lifetime 

Whether you’re trying kayaking for the first time, learning a new language or perfecting your Zumba moves, an all-inclusive cruise allows you the freedom to discover new passions and make the most of unexpected opportunities. 

That’s because any onboard activities are typically included in an all-inclusive deal, while selected prepaid excursions allow you full control over what you choose to spend onshore. 

All-inclusive packages are the ideal way to treat someone special too. Celebrate a big birthday, mark a milestone anniversary, or enjoy an unforgettable honeymoon in total comfort and convenience without having to mentally calculate the cost of it all. 

Many companies now offer wedding-themed cruises, meaning you, your partner and your family and closest friends can celebrate your union in unforgettable style. Luxury extras for newlyweds, or for those celebrating an anniversary or renewing their vows, might include couples massages, complimentary champagne and private tours of the ship. 

So, for total convenience and unparalleled comfort, all-inclusive cruises have all you need. They also mean you can treat your loved ones to the best possible experiences without giving a second thought to the costs. All that remains is to decide where you’d like to go! 

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