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The Top 5 Places to Visit If You’re Vacationing in Canada This Year

People are starting to become hopeful about the prospect of traveling abroad for holidays in the coming year; however, that being said, given there still remains some elements of uncertainty, a lot of people in Canada continue to look domestically for a break instead. If you fall into this category but are unsure what corner of this beautiful country you’d like to explore, the below will hopefully shed some light on the matter and help you decide. These are the top 5 places to visit if you’re vacationing in Canada this year.

vacationing in Canada
  1. Banff 

This tiny mountain town that sits comfortably between the foothills of the Canadian Rockies is perfect for both nature lovers and luxury enthusiasts. Visitors have a choice of several hotels, all of which offer relaxation and spa treatment. Additionally, Banff is incredibly popular for the skiing and hiking trails that it has to offer. As if all of that wasn’t enough, there are some excellent excursions that can’t be left off your itinerary. These include the Columbia Icefield and Moraine Lake (voted the most incredible lake in Canada), which is renowned for its illustrious turquoise waters. 

  1. Niagara Falls 

It will come as no surprise that Niagara Falls is on this list. With its overwhelming beauty, there’s no surprise millions of tourists visit every year to gaze in wonder. Take a helicopter tour around the falls or (if you don’t mind getting wet) get up close and personal with them on the Maid of the Mist tour. 

There are multiple other attractions available to tourists as well as the falls, including bars, restaurants, and Fallsview Casino Resort, which is frequently referred to as the Las Vegas of Canada. If you would like to engage in some of Canada’s most popular casino games, then it’s all available around Niagara Falls. 

  1. Vancouver 

Embrace the outdoors on vacation in Vancouver by spending your day swimming at Kitsilano Beach, strolling through Stanley Park, or skiing down Grouse Mountain. Not only is there adventure to be had, but you can soak up the culture on visits to museums and outdoor markets. 

  1. Montreal 

An architectural contradiction, Montreal struggles to make its mind up between skyscrapers and 17th-century architecture, and the city looks more beautiful for it. If you’re unable to travel to Europe this year, Old Montreal is the second-best thing. Then, by traveling further down, you’ll stumble across modern attractions such as bars, restaurants, and the Museum of Fine Arts. 

  1. Quebec City 

This is another great alternative if a visit to Europe isn’t on the cards in 2021. You’ll be charmed upon arrival by century-old buildings, aromas of freshly baked bread, and the scent of brewing espressos making their way down the cobblestone streets. 

With travel being so restricted this last year, people from all over the world are looking inward and realizing the beauty of their own country, of which Canada is one of the most beautiful. With places that vary from bustling cities, villages that replicate trips back in time, and the great outdoors at it’s very finest, you’ll never be short of something to do. 

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