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The Stunning Temples of Thailand

Thailand is a stunning jewel nestled along the coast of Southeast Asia known popularly as an excellent country for travelers and backpackers to visit. The comparatively weak Thai Baht currency and lower cost of living throughout the country make it one of the most fitting choices for travelers such as young adults looking for an exciting yet cost-effective vacation.

For very little cost, you would be able to have a very fulfilling tourist experience in Thailand. Better yet, the country is in no short supply of fun activities, delicious foods, and exciting places worth checking out while you’re there.

An especially beautiful aspect of Thailand is its cultural elements which, fortunately, its people are more than willing to put on display for intrigued travellers looking to learn more about the country’s heritage and traditional backgrounds.

Being a primarily Buddhist country, Thailand is in no short supply of beautifully ornate temples you could visit. In fact. Thailand has over 40 000 temples. Many of these Buddhist sanctuaries are open to the public and can be walked through to get a deeper sense of the land’s centuries-old history.

If you are planning to visit Thailand at any point in your life, you would be remiss to not visit a few of the country’s many temples. Not only are they steeped with history, but they are also designed using the most stunning scaled mosaic style unlike what would find anywhere else in the world.

The architecture of the structures built in these temples is quite something to behold. Wat Arun is one such temple. It is also one of the most beautiful and tourist-friendly temples you could visit during your stay in the Land of Smiles.

Wat Arun

Fondly referred to as the Temple of Dawn, Wat Arun is a 70-metre-tall temple nestled along the Chao Phraya River’s bank. In the morning, the sun reflects off its Chinese porcelain walls, causing the temple to shimmer like starlight. The temple features beautiful mosaics with flowers being a prominent motif. The presence of silver inlays also adds to the temple’s reflective splendour.

As stunning as it looks from the outside, the interior is equally as ornately detailed and visually captivating. The Temple of Dawn is considered to be one of Thailand’s premier landmark locations. It would be an absolute waste to not visit the beautiful example of the beauty that can be expressed by Man’s deft hand.

This temple is ancient, dating all the way back to the Ayutthaya Period and inside its walls lie history as old as the land it rests on. Wat Arun is in Bangkok and is easy to travel to by bus, car, or motorcycle. The entrance fee is also incredibly modest at only 50 Baht, leaving you with plenty left over to play at online casinos in NZ.

Visit Thailand

As impressive and abundant as they are, the temples are but only one aspect of what makes Thailand one of the best vacation spots in the world. This beautiful country offers a little bit of everything and is suitable for travelers of all strokes.

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