The Springs Resort: Luxury Hotel Near Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica


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The Springs Resort is the sisters hotel of the Peace Lodge. Make sure that you go and listen to the podcast about the Peace Lodge. The Springs Resort is located in the La Fortuna/Arenal area. It is about 8 km from La Fortuna in the middle of this incredible rainforest jungle. Today we’re going to be talking about the Springs Resort in Arenal and La Fortuna area of Costa Rica.

The Spring Resort and Spa

The property is absolutely incredible. When I first arrived, I was thinking to myself, wow, the vision that the owner of this hotel had is just incredible.

Like I said, please go listen to Peace Lodge podcasts. And if you can go and stay at the Peace Lodge, which is owned by the same people in the Vara Blanca Cloud Forest, which is also this visionary, incredible hotel. Both of the hotels are probably the most luxurious hotels that you can actually stay in Costa Rica. The Springs by far even outdoes the Peace Lodge. It is one of the most luxurious, five-star, incredible hotels that you could stay in.

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thermal hot spring the spring resort la fortuna

What is The Spring Resort Known for?

It is well known for several things, obviously the luxury part. It’s also where the thermal hot springs are some of the best thermal hot springs in that area. It is located on hundreds and hundreds of acres. And because of that, they have this entire section called Club Rio, where you can visit and do all these different activities.

The activities are extra. They are not included in your stay, but it’s worth it to just go and see if you’re interested in all the different activities and where Club Rio is, which is about a mile away from the actual hotel. As I said, the property is enormous. There are other hot springs that are included in your stay.

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Hotel Amenities

When you first arrive, there are two main buildings of the hotel and there’s plenty of parking if you are brought in with a shuttle. So if you’re not staying in the main hotel, in the main building, you will be greeted by somebody that will take you around and show you the property. And they take you in a go-cart. Well, not a go-cart, it’s more like a golf cart. And they bring you over to the main building, which is connected with this beautiful bridge. You could either walk it or take the golf cart on it.

This person that drives you around, he does it also for a tip. So you could definitely give them a tip.

inside resort transportation spring resort arenal costa rica

Main Building

The main building has five floors. It is where the gym is, where the playrooms are, where the majority of the restaurants are, where the bar is, and then it’s also where the majority of the thermal hot springs are. And they have all different temperatures and different styles, and it’s just really, gorgeous. And you could actually, if you’re not staying at the hotel, you can just go for the day. They do have date passes to visit the hot springs, so that works out really well as well.


Now as for the actual hotel and the rooms go from standard to presidential suites.  The standard rooms are not that standard. They are huge rooms with king-size beds, all have balconies. All of them overlook the rainforest and the beautiful view of a volcano. All the bathrooms have jacuzzis and showers and all these little extra perks that you will get as well.

bathroom the spring resort la fortuna costa rica


hot spring the spring resort arenal costa rica

The service there is phenomenal. Like it’s over the top. Perfect service. So you have the lay of the land, you could check out.

Nothing is actually included in your stay other than the hot springs. But they do have all these different restaurants that you could enjoy. And to visit the Club Rio which is along the river, which they also own as part of their service, I mean part of their property.

So as I said before, the way La Fortuna is, that whole area is the main town. Nobody really wants to stay in the main town. So the majority of the hotels are actually away from the town. So that is why this hotel is about eight to 10 km outside of town, which gives it that incredible privacy. Being in the middle of this rainforest, it’s really a phenomenal experience. Even if you’re not staying, I recommend just visiting.

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