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The Perfect Songs To Listen To On Your Next Trip To The Beach

When relaxing on the beach, you want everything to be perfect. From the water to the weather, to the temperature, everything has to line up for a proper day at the beach. Something people often forget however is music. Music can liven up the atmosphere and add to the vibes. If you are on vacation, they can make your trip that much more exciting and relaxing. Here are the perfect songs for you to listen to on your next trip to the beach.Have you prepared your playlist for your next Trip To The Beach?Look at this list with six amazing recommendations for you to consider.

Trip To The Beach

6 Songs To Listen To On Your Next Trip To The Beach

Despacito – Luis Fonsi

Even though Despacito is a few years old, it still is a great song to hear when relaxing on the beach. The Spanish lyrics and beat give it a tropical vibe and its popularity will make it recognizable by anyone in the area. If you are planning several beach vacations you can not go wrong with this song. Grab a portable music player and bring it down right beside you and let the party begin.

Volare – The Gypsy Kings

Volare is an instant classic and is great for any vacation. The flamenco guitar and upbeat melody is present throughout and is once again a great song to listen to at the beach. There is nothing wrong with an old school vibe and everyone around you will recognize and join in on the fun.

Summer Paradise – Simple Plan

When Simple Plan wrote this song with Sean Paul, it seemed like it was the perfect song for the beach. The lyrics are all about a summer party and relaxing on the beach. If you are into a more punk/pop music vibe, this song is fantastic. The song also features a slight reggae influence, meshing the two genres seamlessly together. This song will be great for any vacation or beach trip.

Trip To The Beach

International Love – Pitbull

Pitbull is well known for his catchy upbeat dance songs. At one point, it seemed like every song on the radio featured him. International Love is another great song of his that is upbeat and modern. It is great if you plan on having a small party or get together with friends on the beach. It is sure to get everyone moving and enjoying all the weather.

Hey Baby – DJ Otzi

If you have ever been down south to a resort, you will definitely recognize this song. Hey, Baby is played by the pool at countless resorts and used to teach people to dance. It is extremely catchy, fun, and easy to sing along to. Nothing gets a party started faster than Hey Baby.

Barbara Ann – The Beach Boys

You can’t have a playlist of songs to play at the beach if you aren’t including something by the Beach Boys. Barbara Ann is one of their most famous songs, and also one of their most fun. The lyrics are extremely simple and fun to sing along too. The music also has a very light surfing vibe to it that will make you want to get up and get into the water.

These are all songs that will not disappoint should you decide to listen to them at the beach. Remember to pack your sunscreen and stay sun-safe. What beach do you plan on traveling too?

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