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Aviarios del Caribe: A Sloth Rescue in Costa Rica

It’s true, the Sloth Rescue Center, is the only Animal Rescue Center of its kind, and you can find it while traveling in Costa Rica. Nowhere else on earth will you find a place that focuses on saving and rehabilitating sloths. They also work hard to educate visitors on the importance of these cute animals and why they want to keep them from extinction. Have a short tour of the only sloth rescue center, called Aviarios del Caribe, and it’s located in Costa Rica.

A Tour of the Only Sloth Rescue Center in the World | Costa Rica

Sloth Rescue in Costa Rica

The founders are Judy Avey-Arroyo and Luis Arroyo. Thet purchased the property to offer birding tours on the Estrella River, the place was known as Aviarios del Caribe. The place is a 320-acre lush tropical lowland rainforest that was formerly inhabited by banana plantations. The government of Costa Rica officially declared the property a privately-owned biological reserve in 1975.

In 1992 the lovely couple that owns this eco-farm was given an injured baby sloth by a neighbor who knew that they love caring for animals. It was so hurt it could never be released back into the wild. Its name is Buttercup, and it is still here for everyone to meet.

A Tour of the Only Sloth Rescue Center in the World | Costa Rica

After that fateful day, when Buttercup came into their lives, the owners have opened their doors to more sloths. Today there are over 75 sloths, and that number is growing each day.

The best part is not only the love and care that has been put into this amazing place by the owners but also all the volunteers that come to learn about and help with the sloth population.

A Tour of the Only Sloth Rescue Center in the World | Costa Rica

This is such a great place to visit for families and adults!

You’ll learn so much about this gentle, adorable animal that you will leave simply feeling good about mankind.

To support this amazing project they have come up with tours, a merch line, and even Buttercup Inn. Everything that is earned through these services goes back into the rescue center and makes sure that the reserve keeps working.

A Tour of the Only Sloth Rescue Center in the World | Costa Rica

My husband and I were fortunate enough to go for a tour, and it was amazing. We saw so many of these cute animals and learned many fun facts about sloths.

Note: You won’t be allowed to hold the sloths. They are very sensitive and get stressed when held by strangers.

If you have any questions or doubts about this place, you can ask me how you can arrange a tour to such an amazing place during your trip to Costa Rica.

Tours Offered at the Sloth Rescue Center

This information is true as of May 2020.

Buttercup Tour | 2-hour intro to sloths
– Hours: 8 AM / 9 AM / 10 AM / 11 AM / 12 PM / 1 PM / 2 PM
– Cost: $30 Adult/Teen (age 13+); $15 Child (age 5–12)
– What you will do: Learn how sloths live, why they are unique, and how human encroachment affects them. See the enclosures within the Learning Center and go on a canoe ride to experience the sloths’ natural habitat.

Insider’s Tour | 3 hours
– Hours: 8:45 AM and 12:45 PM
– Cost: $150 Adult (age 19–64); $85 Senior (age 65 and up); $75 Youth (age 6-18)
– What you will do: You get the same amenities from the Buttercup tour plus a “behind the scenes” visit to the NICU/Nursery and Slothpital clinic. This is where rescued infant and baby sloths are cared for.

How to Contact the Sloth Rescue Center

Facebook: SlothSanctuaryCostaRica

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A Tour of the Only Sloth Rescue Center in the World | Costa Rica

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