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The Online Availability of Casino in Brazil

The online availability of casinos in Brazil has been exponentially growing. So much so that it has garnered the attention of news outlets and politicians. There’s a lot of money being made, a lot of fun being had, and a question mark over whether it’s all legal. 

The likes of melhor Betfair casino are seeing unprecedented levels of demand from Brazilians from both travelers and local – here’s why.


Gambling is a tricky topic in many countries around the world. For Brazil, physical casinos are banned and gambling isn’t totally legal – though there are loopholes and exceptions, like certain lotteries.

Then there’s the online world, something that is much harder to regulate. Black and white laws become somewhat futile because people can simply access websites hosted overseas. So, you won’t find many legally licensed physical casinos based in Brazil, but the law doesn’t say much about online casinos. It does say that offshore winnings are taxable in Brazil (how could they forget to mention that?) Still, this isn’t something to worry about as a tourist.

Whilst they may not host top-tier government-backed licensing bodies, online gambling is fairly widespread. Grey area? Perhaps. Mainstream and treated as if it’s legal by both locals and visitors? Certainly.

The rise of online casinos in Brazil 

Because of the laws against more physical, land-based forms of casinos in Brazil, online casinos became the go-to option. Though, it runs deeper than just legality. 

Online casinos have been a highly convenient way to gamble all around the world. In Brazil it’s no different – online casinos are always on, always at our fingertips, and can be played wherever on our mobile phones providing there’s a cellular connection.

Furthermore, they’re becoming even more convenient by the day. More payment methods are added all the time, like crypto, and more devices are supported, like tablets. 

It’s also a matter of the marketing towards new customers, too. Physical casinos could only do so much, but online casinos can lead you to a very short funnel in which you’re knocking at their signup page in no time at all. The fastest way to get someone there? Offer them something for free. Everyone loves free stuff, and welcome bonuses are extremely compelling.

Growing consumer choice

Gamblers and casino lovers have never had so much choice. 20 years ago, most people had a local town casino – or in Brazil, no option at all.  Today, more and more online casinos are birthed each day. For tourists who visit Brazil and are used to going to the casino, online is the way to go.

It’s more than just the number of casinos, though, it’s the number of games. Instead of just a selection of a few table games and slots, there are thousands of new slots games with different themes and game mechanics. More competitive and more skillful, gamification is rampant and it’s captivating the masses.

With more choices comes more demand. More people who were indifferent to casino games are now finding ones that they enjoy and are catered to their interests. Themes that they’re fond with, or mechanics that are more interesting. It’s also a matter of disposable income growing in Brazil as living standards rise and growth in expatriates. Although the pandemic was tough and the consequences are far from over, the upward trend is thought to continue to follow in the long run.

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