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The New Collection Of Aviation Watches By Bell & Ross

The company  Bell and Ross was founded in the year 1992. Since then, the brand itself has become the perfect brand for professional aviation watches worldwide. Though the brand is still fresh in the watch industry, their high-quality timepieces proved their place and became known internationally in a short period.

Since the day they started, Ben and Ross have created unique, and quality watches that perfectly meet professional watches’ requirements. The Bell and Ross company has produced hundreds of watches split into two categories, the Bell and Ross Vintage and the Bell and Ross Instrument. Here are the four latest models of watches you might want to have.

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4 of The New Aviation Watches By Bell & Ross

Bell And Ross Vintage BR V2-94 Military Beige

This Bell and Ross model BRV294-BEI-ST/SF is one of the new watches under the Vintage category. The timepiece has a combination of vintage, class, and sports, making it ideal for a man’s watch. Its look is perfect for different casual occasions and outdoor activities.

This Bell and Ross timepiece have a beige dial making it look classy, decorated with Arabic numerals hour markers with a luminous filled hour and minute hands in black color. Inside the dial, two subdials are indicating the minutes and seconds with a date tracker below its 4 o’clock. Its dial is surrounded by a black bezel decorated with line rims.

The 41 mm case of the watch is made of stainless steel material with a transparent back. This automatic watch has a movement caliber of BR-CAL.301, and it has an overall water-resistant feature of 100 meters. The band used to complete its vintage look is fabric in dark chocolate color.

Bell And Ross Instruments BR 05

This new watch model belongs to Bell and Ross’s latest collection of instruments made perfectly by watchmakers just for men. The watch has a professional look perfect for our aviation professionals. You can also wear this watch on any different occasion becasue of its elegant look.

It has an aquatic blue dial with two subdials indicating the minutes and seconds. The dial is decorated with stick-style hour markers and hands in silver-tone. It also has a date indicator on its lower 4 o’clock to help you track the date. Its case is made from steel material in a round shape with a size of 42 mm. 

This automatic timepiece’s movement caliber is BR-CAL.301 and a water-resistant feature of 100 meters. To complete this timepiece’s elegant look, they used a stainless steel material for its buckle and bracelet.

Bell And Ross  Vintage BR V2-94 Bellytanker

The Bell and Ross watch, model BRV294-BT-ST/SST is one of the latest released watches under the Vintage category for men. The watch is ideal for any formal occasion and casual ones because of its luxury look. It has a beige dial with two subdials in blue-tone, indicating its seconds and minutes.

On its lower 4 o’clock, there is a small date indicator where you can track the date always. Its dial has stick-style hour markers in luminous silver-tone and a filled hour and minute hands too. Its stainless steel case is round with a diameter size of 41 mm and a transparent back.  The bracelet and buckle of this new Vintage model are made of stainless steel material.

The automatic movement caliber of this wristwatch is BR-CAL.301 with a reserve power of 42 hours. This timepiece has a water-resistant feature that could survive under the water of 100 meters.

Bell And Ross Instrument BR 03-94

This Instrument watch from Bell and Ross watches is crafted perfectly by professionals for all professional men. The BR0349-BLU-ST/SCA model is a blue steel automatic watch with a minimalist and luxury look that is great for any occasion.

The timepiece has a blue dial with two subdials in the middle, indicating the minutes and seconds, and it also has a date indicator on its lower 4 o’clock. Inside the dial, there are stick-style hour markers and sword-style hands in silver-tone. Its square case is made of stainless steel material in 42 mm diameter size.

The watch has a water-resistant feature of 100 meters and an automatic movement caliber of BR-CAL.301 with 48 hours reserve power. Bell and Ross used a calfskin leather and fabric material for its straps to complete this luxury-looking watch.


Bell and Ross might be new in the watch industry, but they have quickly made their brand name famous across different countries. They create quality and professional watches, especially for the aviation profession, making them a great addition to your watch collection this year.

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