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The New Casino Mecca: Atlantic City

If you only had one chance to visit a casino in the US, it’s likely you would choose the famous city in Nevada. But if you want to visit a city famous for its casinos as well as great entertainment and fantastic dining, Atlantic City is your destination. While staying at one of the fantastic casino resorts, you can get to try out heaps of slots, enjoy time at the spa and watch the spectacular views of the seaside city. If you aren’t quite convinced yet, here’s why you need to visit Atlantic City.

atlantic city amusement park

Casinos of the East Coast

Atlantic City is often called the Las Vegas of the east coast and for good reason. There are 9 casinos in the city, and each offers great games. This might not sound like a lot, however, when it comes to online casinos, there are actually 22 casinos in the state of New Jersey, since it became legal in 2013. That is why, many choose to try some of the amazing casino games at online casinos to practice before visiting Atlantic City. If you are a poker player, you can test out strategies and strengthen your skills beforehand.

Some of the highlights are brick-and-mortar casino resorts like the Caesars Atlantic City Hotel, which is located in Midtown. This is a four-star hotel, where you can sleep and eat like a Caesar. When you get tired from gambling, you can even get a massage or a facial treatment at their luxurious spa.

The Accommodation

An impressive 27 million visitors experience casinos, nice dining, and activities in Atlantic City. The casinos are therefore a testament to the popularity of the city, and therefore, staying at a casino resort is a good reason for visiting Atlantic City. 

You have to be 21 to play at the casinos, so if you’re visiting with family, there are other resorts to look for. In this case, you can choose to stay at other hotels like The Sheraton Atlantic Site, where kids can enjoy themselves, and then the adults can visit the casino at night. 

Walk Along The Boardwalk

As Atlantic City is a seaside city, one of the main attractions is the renowned boardwalk, which features six miles of activities, shopping, and dining. 

In the morning, you can experience locals jogging or exercising at the beach, or even bike riders, as it is possible to ride a bike. As the afternoon lingers on, you can enjoy yourself at the arcade, where kids can have great fun with paintball or go-carts. As the evening comes, a good idea is to take a ride on the iconic Ferris wheel known as The Wheel, which gives a great view of the city.  

Seafood Galore

During the evening, eating at one of the great restaurants is a must for preparing yourself for a night of casino games. Atlantic City offers a great variety of seafood with great oysters and clam chowder at the family-owned Dock’s Oyster House. Speaking of seafood, Atlantic City also has great sushi restaurants, such as Okatshe, which is a piece of Japan in New Jersey. Here, you can get an authentic Japanese experience of sushi while enjoying some sake or even whiskey on the side.  

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