The Must-Haves When Living In A Remote Area

Living remotely has its advantages. The slow-paced life in such areas is great. However, sometimes, being all alone can have its disadvantages too. There are some must-haves to ensure your stay in a remote area does not get difficult. These must-have items range in their use from ‘daily’ to ‘for emergencies.’

The Must-Haves When Living In A Remote Area

7 Things to Have When Living In A Remote Area

A Generator

Living in a remote area means any electrical shortage that occurs due to weather conditions can last extended periods. This means that you might not have electrical power without the use of a generator.

If you feel this is an extreme item to purchase, you need to think of how no electricity means you will not be able to use any electronics, and most, if not all, your food will go bad due to poor refrigeration.

There are different types of generators out there, with different features and different fuel types. The most common generator types are petrol, diesel, and electric.

Air Compressor

Believe it or not, you will be thankful to have an air compressor if you live somewhere remote. This is because you will not have to worry about the tires of your vehicle ever going flat, leaving you stranded without a way out. More importantly, is the fact that air compressors help you power the pneumatic tools that you may need to use around your home.

There are different air compressors out there. Brett Patterson from Ablesales says that a petrol or diesel air compressor is best suited for use in remote areas than an electric one.

This makes sense because, as mentioned above, you can never really know if there is going to be a power outage and, if one does occur, you will spend hours if not days without power until the electricity comes back.

Power Tools

These are a must-have for a couple of reasons. Imagine something around your home broken or in need of repair. Usually, you’d get a contractor to fix the issue for you, however, living in a remote area, you might not have contractors readily available around you.  

Having power tools around will enable you to fix your issues without having to wait for someone to help. Having power tools around is also helpful if you get bored and want to have a go at a DIY project or two. Remember to be careful with any power or pneumatic tools you use to avoid any harm.

Water Tank

Depending on where you get your water from, you might need to get a water tank to store water. This will ensure that you have enough water in your home to go about your day, as usual.

It will also ensure that your water supply does not run low for any reason.

Water Filtration System

If you plan on using your tap water to drink and cook, you need to ensure that this water is potable. Having a water filtration system will enable you to safely drink the water coming out of your tap, without having to worry about getting sick due to bacteria or other organisms.

A water filtration system will also get rid of any sediment found, ensuring that you are drinking clean water free of any impurities. Different water filtration systems are ranging in price, features, and efficiency, so it is best to find a system suited to your budget.

Consider allocating the highest amount you can afford given the importance of water. 

Heating System

In remote areas, where the urban heat island does not exist, you will feel cold weather even more. This is why a heating system is a must-have. If you live in an older building, like a farmhouse or a converted barn, the chances are high that your heating system is also old. You should install a new heating system in Illinois (or wherever you are) before the cooler months arrive. You need to ensure you have a sufficient heating system that will allow you to survive winter without having to put on a hundred different layers and huddle under blankets for warmth. 

Should you feel that there is a problem with your system, you may wish to get in touch with someone like and have them come out to see if there is anything that needs repairing or replacing before the cold weather hits and you start to rely on your heating more and more.

Internet Access

Everyone needs access to the internet. Whether you are going to use it to look up information, to contact people, or purely for fun, it is a must to have internet access nowadays.

Living in a remote area is relaxing, but it can get boring after a while. Having internet access will ensure you have something interesting to do to pass the time spent alone.

Now you have an idea of some of the things you need to have if you plan on living somewhere remote. As mentioned before, these items can range in importance, but they all have a purpose.

At some point, if you live in a remote area, sooner rather than later, you will find yourself needing them.

Last Updated on October 12, 2023

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