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The Most Romantic Travel in North Italy. Wine, Art and Cars

Traveling in Italy is in itself a romantic idea for most people. With the country’s breathtaking landscapes dotted with ancient ruins, it is the perfect place to spend an awesome vacation with a special someone. From the north, all the way to the south, the regions offer unique characteristics that make it all the more fun and exciting to hop from one place to the other. If you are a couple on a romantic holiday, it would be a good idea to start in the north of Italy. Here are some of the most romantic things to do.

1. Arts, culture and history – Italy is brimming with magnificent artistic works where their creators are now recognized in the modern world as masters of their crafts. The artistic and cultural heritage of the land is truly impressive. The Piedmontese capital of Turin has been a center of luxurious lifestyle where kings and nobles once resided. As such, the place itself is a grand work of art with imposing castles, churches and museums that house some of the best examples of architecture, art and history. In the Duomo can be found the Holy Shroud. In the Biblioteca Reale, one of the most famous drawings in the world, a self-portrait by Leonardo da Vinci, rests. Wherever you go, you will find that almost all the cities preserve some important historic, artistic and architectonic heritage that recounts the succession of centuries past.

Romantic Travel in Italy

2. Cars – When it comes to super-cars, Italy is right in the middle of everything. In Bologna, you can visit the factory and the museum of the ever-famous Ferrari. You can also take a tour to see the stunning models of the Lamborghini and the Maserati. You can rent a car in Italy like Ferrari through Prime Rent, that will handle all the details for you and will deliver the car make of your choice to the nearest delivery point. Driving on the coast of the Cinque Terre will make your Italian holiday a dream come true.

Romantic Travel - happy man near cabriolet car over coliseum

3. Wine – A wine tour is perhaps one interesting activity for a lot of tourists who visit Italy, and in the north, you are bound to have a challenging and satisfactory experience. Wine tasting in situ is a thrilling educational experience especially for wine lovers and food gourmets. You can join wine tours that can give you the chance to taste different Alpine wines in Trento or to savour white truffles paired with a glass of Barolo in Langhe. Celebrate your romance in Venice as you float down the Grand Canal with a bottle of Prosecco to keep you company, and the gondolier to keep you entertained. Check here more info about traveling in Trento.

Woman tasting a glass of red wine. Color image

These are just few of the things worthy you can do as a couple in Northern Italy. As you go around, stop to gaze at the landscape and see how beautiful the majestic mountains serve as backdrops to charming towns and villages. When you’re done, go southwards and discover the similarities and the differences that make Italy unique and exciting. It is a place blessed with fertile lands, overflowing with inspiring works of art, a rich history and a culture that was and still is recognized around the world.

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