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4 Most Romantic Hotels In The World For a Couple Getaway

There are so many incredible romantic places to share with your beloved in all corners of the Earth, and finding the ideal place to stay is of utmost importance. There are romantic hotels and resorts all over the world that cater to couples in need of a getaway, but everyone’s tastes and needs are different. We have put together the top 4 most romantic hotels from all over the world that we think are worth visiting for a couple of getaways.

Keeping romance alive in your relationship is something that should be focused on every single day. Romance is a continual effort for both people involved and is often all about the little things in daily life, but there is no doubt that a luxury romantic getaway is a wonderful way to keep the romance alive and kicking.  

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Most Romantic Hotels for Couple

1. Les Fermes de Marie, France

France has to be one of the most romantic destinations on the planet. Filled with love stories, romantic movies, and generally passionate culture, France is definitely one of the places to go if you are looking to reignite the spark in your relationship. 

There are plenty of romantic hotels and resorts in France to choose from, but Les Fermes de Marie is undoubtedly special. This gorgeous spot is close to Mont Blanc and located on a rolling French hillside. This incredibly luxurious resort is also close to the charming ski resort village of Megève which is only a short walk away.

2. Jade Mountain Resort, St Lucia

St Lucia’s Jade Mountain Resort is a stunning resort that encourages going off-grid and connecting back to nature. The entire resort is designed to make the guests feel like they are living in simpler times and steering as far away from technology as they can manage. 

The resort is 240 hectares in size and unfolds over breathtaking tropical rolling hills, the views are unbelievable and the nature that surrounds it will have you switching off your phone with ease. Jade Mountain Resort has 76 rooms, all of which are cozy and romantic. 

3. Shinta Mani Wild, Cambodia

Shinta Mani is full of romantic views and incredible nature inside Cambodia’s Cardamom National Park. It is a part of the Bensley Collection, Shinta Mani Wild mixes the excitement and rough edginess of camping, with all the luxurious amenities of a hotel. It is a network of luxury tents nestled close to the river that runs through the Cambodian rainforest, this majestic setting is pricey, but worth every penny as it truly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience full of romance and adventure.

4. Amanzoe, Greece

This truly iconic hotel sits on the border of the Aegean Sea, romantic and beautiful are understatements when describing this unique place. You have the choice to arrive via helicopter or boat or a car of course. Greece is already a romantic place, it’s not hard to find love, passion, and connection here, but this luxurious resort takes the romance department to a whole new level. It’s serene, peaceful, lavish, and pure magic for couples wanting some privacy and alone time, but it may cost you all your jackpot winnings from when you played bingo online for money.


No matter where you are in the world or what your budget is, there is a romantic spot for every couple. Whether it be camping under the stars at your nearest countryside campsite, or being chopped into Amazon in Greece, make the effort to keep the romance alive, because love is truly the most important thing we will ever have in our lives.

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