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4 of The Most Popular Destinations in Costa Rica

Although when it comes to land mass Costa Rica is relatively small, it is one of the world’s largest natural playgrounds. Situated between the borders of Panama and Nicaragua, Costa Rica is home to the world’s largest density of fauna and flora and has a varied terrain of mountains, forests, volcanoes, valleys, beaches, rivers and lakes. Although there is no one best place to visit in Costa Rica, some areas are much more popular than others when it comes to tourism, and it’s easy to see why this is the case. Although the areas listed below may not be the best areas of Costa Rica, they are definitely the most popular. If you’re planning on visiting Costa Rica on vacation, these are some of the areas that you may wish to consider visiting.Information about four of the best destinations of Costa Rica.In this blog post you will find best destinations in Costa Rica.

Destinations in Costa Rica

Tamardino boasts year-round sunshine, stunning views, a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and it is also in close proximity to a number of popular national parks which makes it a very popular vacation destination for those traveling with family and those looking to go on an Eco-adventure. Located on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, Tamarindo is also one of the most developed and accessible beach towns in the area and has plenty of facilities for tourists.

Manuel Antonio National Park
Although it is the smallest national park in the country, Manuel Antonio National Park is well visited by tourists and locals alike, as it is easily accessible from San Jose, the capital city of Costa Rica. This means that even if you are planning to stay in San Jose, it’s easy to get to Manuel Antonio National Park for a day out on your vacation. Located nearby the city of Quepos on Costa Rica’s mid-Pacific coast, Manuel Antonio and Manuel Antonio Bay comprise a diverse variety of ecosystems with lush rain forests, sandy white beaches, and stunning coral reefs. You can also rent a swish Costa Rica villa in this area.

Arenal Volcano
Up until recent years, the Arenal Volcano was the most active volcano in the whole of Costa Rica. Once displaying small yet frequent explosions that provided incredible shows of hot, spewing lava, Arenal’s cycle entered into a resting phase in 2010. This put an indeterminate pause on the explosions, however the volcano is still smoking today and the surrounding area offers a number of exciting activities and breath-taking sights.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve
Located in the center of Costa Rica, Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is one of the most heavily tourist populated areas in the country. With its tropical jungle and lush green mountains, the astonishing natural beauty along with the native wildlife is the main factor which draws travelers and holidaymakers to this extraordinarily bio diverse area. There is also an abundance of fun activities available including zip line and canopy tours.

Where is your favorite place to visit in Costa Rica? Whether we’ve mentioned it on this list or not, we’d love to hear where you enjoy spending your vacation – leave your response in the comments below.

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