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The Latest Innovations for Your African Vacation

Planning a family or solo trip to Africa can be more demanding than planning a trip to Europe or America. One of the greatest challenges tourists face on the continent is the underdeveloped transportation system. Choosing which countries to visit can also be time-consuming. The continent is home to hundreds of eye-catching national parks and natural gems waiting to be discovered. Where to begin? Which destinations to skip? There are many questions that could make your upcoming African vacation feel a bit overwhelming.Five of the most interesting innovations to make a trip to Africa smoother, safer, and more enjoyable.Here are African Vacation Innovations.

Luckily, we live in the era of smartphones and new technologies. New innovations in security systems at airports are simplifying travel issues. There is more than just faster air travel. New travel apps have created new ways to plan on the go.

  1. Facial Recognition in Airports

    African Vacation

Preparing for a trip to Africa will require you to arm yourself with a lot of patience. You will need to spend quite some time inside different airports. Unfortunately, you will go through endless check-ins and passport controls. Additionally, not all African nations are safe for all types of travel. For example, if you plan on visiting South Africa, beware of the travel advisory issued by the U.S. Department of State. Keep an eye on other similar travel advice and warnings for other African countries with high civil unrest and pandemic risks.

Many airports around the globe are simplifying their procedures through technology. African airports have not been left behind. Advanced AI technologies now enable airports to use facial recognition systems. These allow speedy and highly accurate security check-ins and passport controls. They also increase passengers’ security around airports.

An example of this in action can be seen in Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International. Travelers that meet certain predefined criteria have an  option to streamline their security check. These travelers can quickly drop off their luggage and breeze through security checks. They can also board instantly using facial recognition scanners.

The Nairobi International Airport also has biometric identification. The system was created by RecFaces together with Pelco. It utilizes a VxFaces recognition module. The system attempts to identify potentially dangerous visitors inside the airport. This has already considerably boosted airport security. The Moi International Airport in Kenya has also taken control of a biometric border system. One that relies on facial recognition supplied by NEC.

Carefully choose your destination airports. Make sure that at least some of them feature these facial recognition alternatives. This way, you will enjoy safer and more streamlined travel experiences.

  1. Take Advantage of Your Downtime While Traveling in African Countries

Africa is a huge continent. Inevitably, you may find yourself looking at long airport layovers between two connecting international flights. You may also deal with weather-related cancellations and delayed transportation problems. All these unforeseen circumstances could result in a lot of downtime. Use this time wisely. Grab your tablet, iPad, or a camera and do something fun, relaxing, or useful. For instance, catch up on your eBook reading, write a new travel blog, or film a fresh vlog for your YouTube channel. Make sure to take a look at the latest mobile online gaming available. If you love video games you’ll enjoy these games as well.

  1. Use the Latest Mobile Phone Technology to Snap Memorable Photos

You are going to come across loads of Instagrammable scenes and locations on your trip to Africa. Make sure you have enough space on your mobile phone for all the photos you are going to take. Also, download a few top editing apps to create a truly unique camera roll. For instance, you could learn how to take 3D photos using the free LucidPix Android app. The app can turn your photos into genuine 3D masterpieces. For eye-catching video images, invest in a quality gimbal that can keep your smartphone steady. The DJI OM 5 is an excellent choice. It can help you create steady videos while tracking running lions in the savannah.

  1. Tech Apps for Traveling

    African Vacation

Download a few helpful travel apps on your phone prior to hitting the road.

MyTSA is the official Transportation Security Administration app. It will tell you the exact check wait times at major airports and save you precious travel time. The Mobile Passport app is the official app approved by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. With this app you can speed through US border crossings.

Outside of the airport use the Hopper app to instantly assess billions of hotel prices. The app will help you instantly book a hotel room at a cheap rate and on the go. The app can also handle airline bookings. Keep an eye out for great last minute deals. TripIt is a wonderful app to organize all of your African itineraries. It can organize everything into one place. Create master documents for each upcoming trip and access the itinerary both online and offline.

To enjoy more spontaneity while traveling to an African country, use Google searches, Google Maps, and the advanced Directions API technology. They will show you the most relevant pit-stops for your trip. This way, you should not have to worry about passing an excellent local spot along your route.

Final Thoughts

Finally, remember to look for restaurants and bars that use QR codes. Scan them to bring up menus, order, and even pay your bills. You will enjoy limited human interaction and lower virus-spreading risks. In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, traveling abroad should be accompanied by advanced technology innovations for safer and more convenient experiences. Start with the previous examples for your upcoming African vacation.

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