The Largest and the Biggest Party Islands of the Maldives

The Maldives can hardly be called a real party destination, but there are a decent dozen of islands where you will find parties, beach clubs, live music and many other entertainments. A selection of the largest and most entertaining resorts is shared by wiotto.com, an expert in booking exotic islands with eight years of experience in the Maldives market.

The specifics of the islands of the Maldives

An average island resort in the Maldives covers an area of approximately 300m by 400m. There are islands larger and smaller, but we are talking about a few hundred meters, no more. The Maldives is not associated with parties, night parties – and for most of the islands this is true. Relaxation, service, quiet evenings with light live music are more appreciated here, and in the afternoon – chic diving and snorkeling. However, there are more youthful islands where there are bars with DJs and parties. Although not as bright as in Ibiza, they attract their audience.

The size of the islands most influences the presence of crowded parties. There are small islands where 30-50 villas are available in total. If you are looking for an island with a party, choose the large islands, which will be discussed later.

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The most party islands

  1. W Maldives – this hotel is popular with young people for its Full Moon Party. Famous DJs often perform here, arrange live music evenings. The hotel is also famous for its large selection of alcohol and, of course, luxurious interiors – from glass panels in the floor to the infinity pool in the water villa. The island has 6 bars and restaurants, more than 70 beach and water villas, as well as a wide range of entertainment.
  2. Kuredu Island is another ultra-modern hotel. The highlight of the resort is the so-called White Parties. Every Friday the resort bar invites a famous DJ. Dress code – white clothes. The island is really big by the standards of the Maldives: in length – 1800m. There is a choice of more than 15 restaurants and bars, there are two spa centers, a tennis court, even a golf course. And almost 400 rooms for settlement.
  3. Niyama Private Islands Maldives is a luxury hotel. It has everything from a butler to an underwater restaurant. But the most interesting thing is a nightclub at a depth of 8m. Luxurious meals in restaurants, world hits, live music are waiting for you. The resort is located on two adjacent islands at once, where there are 9 bars and restaurants that also offer entertainment programs.
  4. Kuramathi Maldives is a 4 star hotel, but will definitely exceed your expectations in terms of entertainment and service. This is a family resort and if you have children, this is one of the best solutions in the Maldives. In addition, there are 18 restaurants and bars on the island, ranging from laid-back lounges to groovy dance bars by the water.
  5. Meeru Island Resort & Spa is another 4 star hotel. Excellent value for money. Thanks to moderate prices, this island has become popular among young people. The island is 1200 meters long and about 300 meters wide. Two communal pools, tennis court, golf course, spa, 8 bars and restaurants. And, of course, live music in the evenings.
  6. Robinson Club Maldives is a 4 star hotel for adults only. The island is quite compact. Just over 100 villas and suites are available. The resort is considered ideal for relaxing with friends. There are many water sports, evenings with live music and DJ sets, and excursions and other entertainment during the day.
  7. Finolhu Baa Atoll Maldives is a luxury segment hotel where celebrities like to relax. All 125 villas are located on three small sprawling islands that form a 2 km coastline. Famous DJs and even world stars perform at the beach bar.

The most incendiary islands of the Maldives are collected here, but this is not a complete list. Visit the wiotto.com directory and select the filter “Nightclub”: the list will include all hotels in the Maldives, where young people love to hang out so much. In addition, for any questions, please contact the online chat – managers will be happy to answer all your questions about the Maldives.

Last Updated on August 26, 2023

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