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The Israel Diamond Exchange; Now Open for Tourists to Delve into the Industry’s Best Kept Secrets

Since Israel opened its borders after recovering from COVID, the small country has seen an influx of visitors that has surpassed even the most popular years of tourism. With endless things to see, taste and experience, travelers come to the small country of Israel to get a feel of the significant history of this land, see the architecture that was built thousands of years ago, and delve into the lively culture and natural beauty of Israel. 

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The religious sites in Israel see hundreds of thousands of pilgrimages each year, as well as people who want to get a deeper look into any of the world’s most popular religions. Apart from religious sites, Tel Aviv hosts one of the most significant pride parades every year, where people from all over the world flock to participate in the only pride parade in the Middle East. 

Israel is known for many things that range from delectable cuisine and nightlife to the dream of natural beauty and white sand beaches, but one of the things Israel is most famous for is its diamond market. 

The diamond industry has been a leg the Israeli economy has been standing on since before Israel was an independent state. World-class diamantaires, diamond cutters, and traders can be found inside the Israel Diamond Exchange. What started during the Second World War, when new immigrants were trying to use their carefully honed skills again, the Israel diamond cutting industry paved the way for Israel to become one of the largest diamond industries in the world.

Israel has the most extensive Diamond Exchange in the world, and over 30% of the diamonds pass through the doors of the Israel Diamond Exchange. Israeli diamond professionals are hailed to be the top of the craft, as the skills and workmanship come from generations before who have found livelihood in diamonds. One of the most significant contributors to the world’s diamonds, the Israel Diamond Exchange is now open to be explored by visitors in Israel who want a fascinating and unique day trip to Tel Aviv. Israel has an immense history with the diamond market. Having started as a specialty in cutting diamonds, Israel has become one of the world’s centers for polished diamonds. 

The Israel Diamond Exchange is located on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, comprising four interconnected buildings containing a hidden world of the buzzing diamond industry. The highly secure complex is a city of diamond trade for the world’s most significant and most valuable diamonds. 

The famed Diamond District is a neighborhood that comes alive during work hours, with hundreds of thousands of locals going to work, whether within the Israel Diamond Exchange or the many jewelry-related offices surrounding it. The tall skyscrapers of this neighborhood can be seen from all around, and the modern architecture hides the immense amount of history in those streets.  

The Israel Diamond Exchange Tour provides visitors with a professional perspective on the diamond industry. The tour takes visitors on the journey of diamonds, from rough stone to jewelry at local jewelers. The tour starts with a tactile experience at one of Israel’s most famous diamond-cutting factories, where visitors witness diamonds being cut and polished while learning the process that goes into it. Continuing to the entry of the Israel Diamond Exchange, visitors explore the history-laden complex and the international diamond trading hall. The tour of the trading hall goes through the process of the diamond trade and explores how the Israeli diamond trading process has influenced the way diamond deals are officiated in every corner of the globe. Finishing off, visitors are taught how diamonds are evaluated and what contributes to the value of a diamond.

The private tour of the Israel Diamond Exchange includes pick up and drop off, refreshments, and an opportunity to purchase at near wholesale prices. The VIP tour is 2.5 hours and includes a meeting with an international diamond dealer and cutter.

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