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The Important Lessons I Learned Traveling To The Galapagos Islands

I’ve derived many life-lessons from my travels around the globe, but nowhere have I discovered more invaluable life-lessons than in the Galapagos Islands. This charming destination is in the history books for a very good reason, and the natural splendor that awaits travelers there is extraordinarily beautiful and enough to stir the heart of even the most jaded traveler.Traveling To The Galapagos Islands has taught me a lot of important things, learn about two of the most important ones.

Traveling to the Galapagos Islands taught me important life lessons that I won’t soon forget. Here’s a review of the most important of those lessons, and why I could only have learned these things by visiting the Galapagos Islands in particular.

Traveling To The Galapagos Islands

Top 2 Lessons Learned Traveling To The Galapagos Islands

Vibrant life is all around us

Perhaps the most important lesson that I learned from visiting the Galapagos Islands was the fact that vibrant life is constantly surrounding us. Whether I was seeing sharks cut a trail through the ocean waves, craning my neck to see exotic birds soaring around me, or peering at the dirt to see almost-indecipherable small insects crawling about, I was witnessing firsthand the tremendous biodiversity that planet Earth has to offer.

I also quickly discovered that it’s a hotspot of learning. While Darwin’s exploits there are obviously well-known to the history books, countless other scholars and researchers have visited the Galapagos Islands over the course of history to learn by observing the peculiar and amazing creatures that call those islands home. It’s of little surprise to me that Galapagos Tours are more popular these days with students and aspiring scholars, but I also discovered tourists from all walks of life head there to witness its majesty firsthand.

One very important lesson that I learned is that we’re shaped by our experiences and surroundings. Consider the animals who live on the Galapagos Islands; creatures of all kinds, but particularly birds, are very inquisitive and are comfortable getting close to humans. The local wildlife you can expect to see can thus teach us the lesson that when we’re raised in environments of tranquility and calm, we can expect to behave calmly and inquisitively in the face of new and peculiar experiences.

We must make our own decisions

One of the more rewarding lessons I learned by visiting the Galapagos Islands is that we must all make our own decisions. While I ventured there with others (specifically, my family) who were interested in doing things I was uninterested in, I learned that sometimes it’s okay to stray from the pack and be an independent person.

When my family wanted to walk on the beach instead of heading inwards, I discovered that sometimes, finding a tour guide and going out by yourself is perfectly acceptable. When you go to the Galapagos Islands, you’ll be bombarded with opportunities ranging from snorkeling to hearing directly from local experts. Whatever it is that you choose to do, making that choice by yourself and deciding which exciting opportunity to pursue can help you be more confident and independent elsewhere in life.

The many important lessons I learned from visiting the Galapagos Islands can’t all be imparted here; to understand them fully, and to discover new lessons, you’ll have to venture there and explore for yourself.

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