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The Importance of Broadband When Traveling

Before the internet became a normal thing in most of the world traveling was extremely different than it is now. If you wanted to go across the globe you had to go to some travel agency and choose one of the options they offered. This limited our options immensely.My contribution to the #BroadbandAndMe campaign. Where we share importance of broadband and the internet positive impact in our lives.

Importance of Broadband

Some other brave ones picked up some large guidebook, a map and went on an adventure relying mostly on recommendations from locals and the few that had already been to your destination. All of this also meant that you had to pay the price that the local office from the few airlines near you.

We basically had only a couple of options when it came to choosing prices and destinations.

Importance of Broadband

There is no doubt that the internet came to change all that. We can now create our own itineraries and packages with only the help of our broadband connection. Everything from fights, hotels, attractions and even restaurants can be chosen from your home. But the best part is that if we are smart we can find tons of deals out there.

But it goes beyond that!

Having a reliable broadband connection near you while you travel is also an amazing tool to communicate with your family back home. This is an essential for people like me who decided to move abroad and start a new family in a foreign country.

I get to communicate with my parents almost every day and they have been able to see my sons grow up through video calls.

But maybe the most important role that it has played in my life is that it allowed me to create a career for myself where I can be my own boss. This means that I get to be both, a working mom and a stay at home mom, allowing me to be there for my son’s most important milestones so far. Plus, I can work no matter where I am in the world, giving me extraordinary freedom.

This article is part of the #BroadbandAndMe campaign by TalkTalk Business. Where we all share how the internet has made a positive impact in our lives. Anyone can join so feel free to share your own story.

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