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The Hyatt in Newport, Rhode Island a lot More than Just a Hotel

Have you ever heard of Goat Island? This secret place is less than five minutes from Newport, Rhode Island and it houses one of the best outdoor restaurants to see the famous New England sunset while sipping fruity sangrias breathing in salty air.

Hyatt in Newport, Rhode Island
Secret Hideaway – Newport

While searching for the best dining out time (i.e. sunset viewing) I stumbled upon Pineapples on the Bay, at the Hyatt in Newport, Rhode Island. Being 100% outdoors, it felt as though we were attending a high end shin dig, with an a la carte menu.

Hyatt Regency Newport Rhode Island
Pineapples on the Bay Restaurant

Why Pineapples on the Bay, Hyatt in Newport, Rhode Island?

Dining out is a special part of traveling. It’s easy to go to any restaurant.  But it’s the ones that are unique not only in the culinary selections, but in the actual experience for adults and especially for kids.

This is the first time I have to say that the website doesn’t do this place any justice.

The views are spectacular.

Live Music is pleasant and goes perfectly with the atmosphere

where to eat newport rhode island

A canon toast to celebrate every night’s sunset (rain or shine) gives kids a jolt and the adults too – for such a tiny canon it’s super loud!

sunset viewing - hyatt regency newport rhode island
Sunset Toast
Hyatt in Newport, rhode island
Sunset Salut!

Homemade Fruity Sangria – I know I mentioned this before, but it was sooo good.<

Lighthouse on the premises – I’m a lighthouse fan and having one right there added to the fun.

newport rhode island lighthouse

Boardwalk along the beach – gave our kids a chance to run around and not get restless

Goat Island - Hyatt in Newport
Location, Location, Location

Laid back atmosphere for me to chill out with my kids.

Where to eat in Newport, Rhode Island

What’s on the Menu

Seafood, catches of the day are always the hot items here. However, picky eaters and salad junkies get plenty of picks at very affordable prices.

Fish and Chips – I’ve been craving this dish since the minute we arrived to Newport. Maybe it was the yummy scents in the air. And this hit the spot (with lots of vinegar).

Fish and Chips dish
Fish and Chips

Caesar Salad – and some yummy greens to go with my fish

restaurants of newport rhode island

Grilled Chicken Sandwich – my hubby on the other hand didn’t want seafood but a some chicken – and he told me, in secret, it was the best chicken sandwich he’d ever had.

grilled chicken sandwich, newport restaurant
Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Fun Info About Pineapples on the Bay:

1.   The Pineapple symbol – it represents hospitality in Newport. The Pineapple’s history  dates back to the days when a pineapple would be placed outside the Newport homes and businesses to welcome home the return of ships and their crew.

2.  The Canon Toast – The restaurant’s amazing tradition has been held strong for over 10 years in honor of those of the US military. Newport has a strong military presence, in fact the Naval War College is just on the other side of the bridge from where Pineapples and you can actually see it from the property.

3.   Renovation of the Restaurant – 2011 there was a $750,000 renovation with a brand new building, kitchen and 3-sided bar. The building is made of reconstructed barn wood from barns around New England.

Most important fact of all – how to contact them:


Hyatt Regency Newport

One Goat Island


Tel: +1 401 851 1234

Hyatt in Newport, Rhode Island – Not Just Another Hotel

Pinepples on the Bay on Urbanspoon

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