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The Habits of Men Who Know How to Take Care of Themselves and Always Look Great

Every year there are more and more cosmetics for men. And the manufacturers seem to have no question whether men know how to use them correctly? Alas, not always. First of all, he needs to know about his appearance and a healthy lifestyle. Good habits and repetitive rituals keep you healthy and set you in a productive mood and help structure your day. We have compiled good habits of men that will allow you to get out of quarantine in great shape and recharge yourselves with success.Good habits of men and repetitive rituals keep you healthy and set you in a productive mood and help structure your day.

Habits of men



Start your day correctly


To take a more conscious approach to care for your skin, having answered all the questions about taking care of yourself in summer and winter, you should contact a professional cosmetologist. Depending on whether the man is the owner of dry, oily, or combined skin, an individual cosmetics set is selected. It is often recommended to start caring for the skin of the body and face in the morning.


You should not take care of yourself periodically but regularly since skin and hair care is related to aesthetic appearance and the general state of health. The application of sunscreen on the face and body is necessary, given the existing environmental situation and the increase in air temperature.


In addition to sunscreen, many men have acquired a mustache and beard trimmer, providing comfortable and safe care for themselves. According to regular users’ reviews, modern technology makes it easier to trim and correct the beard. It is more and more challenging to take care of yourself due to higher employment and the accelerated pace of life of residents of megalopolises and large cities.


Do not spend all the time at the computer


Take a break from the monitor for at least a little while. When you study, work, or for example, write custom papers, your body and eyes get exhausted. Otherwise, there is a chance after quarantine to go outside with a sore back and red eyes. In between playing computer games and watching TV shows, do your workouts or clean up your apartment. Don’t just dust the shelves and vacuum the carpets, but do some real spring cleaning. Clean the windows and fridge, wash the curtains, move the sofa back and wipe the floor underneath.


Keep playing sports


Another important ritual to start your day with is exercise. You can even go in for sports in a tiny studio. Of course, a home warm-up is not a substitute for a full-fledged workout in a specialized gym, but it is more effective than lying on the couch and a short run to the refrigerator. To work for all muscle groups in a small room, you can do multiple sets of push-ups, squats, lunges, and burpees. If you live in an apartment building, it is best to avoid jumping to disturb the neighbors below.


Isometric exercises will help enhance the effect of training: linger at the bottom of the squat or push-up for 40-60 seconds. Get creative with your workout and use furniture. For example, use a chair or sofa for bench push-ups to pump triceps. Dumbbells can be replaced with water bottles, and the kettlebell can be replaced with a backpack full of something heavy.


Monitor nutrition


Self-isolation is not a reason to switch to fast food and eat a packet of chips every day, washed down with cola or beer. Instead, you can learn how to cook simple, healthy meals. For example, egg muffins or potatoes with cheese and tuna. You can find recipes in any selection about healthy eating. There will be enough of them for the entire quarantine.


Food services will help to reduce the time spent at the stove. These are services that either deliver pre-cooked meals or bring in the ingredients for them. Peeled, chopped, and pickled, you need to mix and fry, boil or bake everything. If you choose an option from the food constructor, it usually takes only 30 or even 15 minutes.


And when you are not at all attracted to culinary feats, you can use delivery. But take your time to order pizza or sushi. Choose something healthier, such as soup, salad, rice or quinoa bowl, grilled meat, or fish. To find out the correct type of nutrition, you can consult a dietitian and endocrinologist.


Change bed linen and towels regularly


One study by a British mattress company found that 55% of single men between the ages of 18 and 25 change their bedding just once every three months. This is a sad statistic because dirty sheets and pillowcases can lead to acne on the face and body or even cause an allergic reaction.


The fact is that particles of dead skin, sweat, dust, and dandruff accumulate on the bedding. And if you live with a cat or dog, also their fur. When the bed is not changed for a long time, dust mites settle on it – an allergy to them causes skin irritation, sneezing, runny nose, and other symptoms. All the same sweat, sebum, and other contaminants on linen provoke the appearance of acne. To avoid these problems, you just need to change the bed on time. Sheets and duvet covers should be changed once a week or two, and pillowcases should be changed at least once every seven days.

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