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The Front Climbing Gym in Salt Lake City, Utah


The Front Climbing Gym in Salt Lake City, Utah

a woman and a guy sitting in front of a climbing board at the front climbing gym in utah

Today we’re gonna be talking about climbing gyms in Utah, are you guys ready for an adventure? Let’s begin. 

Utah, interestingly enough, especially Salt Lake City has become the hub and pretty much the headquarters of the United States climbing team, and because of that the majority of the top climbers of the United States moved there for their training, and it turns out that Utah, especially around Salt Lake City has some of the best climbing in the world, interestingly enough. This time, my family and I visited The Front Climbing Gym in Salt Lake City, Utah, and here’s my full experience and review.

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The Front Salt Lake City

So not only do the best United States climbers live there, but also people from all over the world come to climb. They normally come to climb bouldering in other areas, but they also go to the gyms. The climbing gyms in Salt Lake City are considered to be some of the best in the country, and one particular chain, it’s a mini-chain, it’s only two, it’s called The Front Climbing Gyms. Of course, wherever we visit, whenever we go traveling, we always go to some climbing gym that is in the area so that the kids and my husband could train and of course when we got to Salt Lake, the preferred gym to visit was The Front Salt Lake City.

Not only for climbing

The Front is considered one of the top gyms and of course, they have this amazing large area for bouldering. They also have lead sports climbing where you could do that as well, funny enough, they also have ping pong and have ping pong tournaments who would have guessed and there’s an entire room for different kinds of training. 

Types of boards

They have the campus board, they have the moon board, and they have the tension board. I mean, you name it, they’ve got it. So if you are one of those avid climbers that go to different gyms whenever you visit different areas, definitely recommend visiting The Front Salt Lake City. There are two locations, we only went to one location. 

They had a competition where some top climbers from the United States and Canada were competing, so you’ll never know who you’re going to bump into and who you can train right next to or even with.


So check out The Front Salt Lake City. If not The Front, definitely there are several options for you to check out when you’re climbing when you are visiting Utah, but the best part and the most important place to visit would be Joe’s Valley. Of course, Joe’s Valley is known for its bouldering and also Little Cottonwood Canyon. 

I have podcasts for both of those locations as well for you to really understand how and where to go when you’re visiting Joe Valley and also little Cottonwood Canyon.

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