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The Flashlight for Tactical Use

The ordinary flashlight is used in home lighting, outdoor running and other situations of daily lie, but the use of tactical lights is very suitable for some professionals, such as law enforcement officers or military police. 

Also, there are many on transporting flashlights on a plane, I have a full blog post you should check.

Compared with ordinary flashlights, tactical light will have a difference in:

Differences Between Tactical and Normal Flashlights

Light quality, performance, and operation. They have relatively high requirements for the light quality of the flashlight.


First of all, the ideal aperture of the flashlight is two complete concentric circles, without light spots and flickering halos; If the color temperature is too high or too low, it will also affect the judgment of the color. Flashlights with poor light quality will cause law enforcement officers to misjudge the color and shape of objects in times of crisis.


Secondly, they should not only be strong and durable, but also need to be anti-oxidative, drop test up to 1m, waterproof with a high IPX8 -level standard flashlight that can work normally in one or two meters of water.

Strobe Mode

Thirdly, they usually have a strobe mode, a light press and a heavy press operation mode. So the buttons of the flashlight should be easy to operate even when wearing gloves. The operation should not be too complicated and the operation logic should be clear. And it is also important to have a safety lock out mode or not.

What are tactical lights used for?

On the other hand, tactical lights are most appropriate when the situation demands that in the dark, you must spot your prey or enemies or find your way through the darkness with weapons in your hands, they are either mounted or handheld. The light beam passes parallel to the weapon’s bore and is a non-lethal force till such time you have spotted your prey. And then, tactical lights are usually independent, charged with lithium-ion batteries, and are completely mobile so that a hunter can carry it along for an expedition. The mounted flashlights are wired to a battery on the vehicle, boat, or a fixed platform.

In several instances, military police or law enforcement officers may also add a sighting laser to the weapon so that you can spot the target with the help of infrared beams. Although it may look impossible for common folks when the same is fixed with technology assisting the weapon, it becomes pretty simple. Very few manufacturers can produce such highly sophisticated flashlights that can be affixed to the guns without any hassle. You also could turn the lights on and off with a gentle button press. But Olight is able to make excellent tactical lights. Here is their website: You could learn more about them.

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