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The Facts About Thailand, Such as: Does it Snow?

Thailand has become a popular tourist resort, and with that will come questions. We want to know as much about the country that it is we are visiting. Also, the times of the year when it is best to visit that county because of the weather we might experience then. It makes no sense to leave bad weather at home to experience the same or worse while on holiday.The Facts About Thailand is that it has popular tourist resort and with that will come questions.Here we will answer those questions.

With lots of questions already entering our heads, this article will look to address some of them. As far as the one about does it snow in Thailand, follow the link to discover the answer to that one. In the meantime, we will stay clear of the weather and find out the other facts about the country. Except to say that it is just above the equator between the Indochina peninsula, so that would imply warmth for its visitors. Indeed, Bangkok is known for consistently hot weather. That makes me more curious still about the thought of them having snow at any time of year.

The Facts About Thailand

Lesser-Known Facts About Thailand

Thailand translated means either “land of the free” or “land of the Thais”. The unified Thai kingdom we can find out was established in the mid-fourteenth century. Its mangoes are said to be the best in the world. 

Siam is the old name for Thailand. This explains why Siamese cats are native to Thailand.

The first conjoined twins were born in Thailand.

Which Animal is Thailand Famous For?

Thailand is famous for elephants. It is their national animal. Elephants have a lot of history here and have played many important roles in Thailand throughout time. Their duties have included taking part in royal parades, logging, and war work. This explains the appreciation that is attached to them with the statues that depict them. I can recall seeing elephants from Thailand on television and playing a game of football. They are treated with great respect and considered at least on a par with humans. They are highly revered. 

What Contributes to  Thailand’s Beauty

More obvious to tourists will be the contrast of the ancient temples with the modern shopping malls. It makes for a fascinating juxtaposition. You have, for instance, Buddhist monks sharing the streets with the patrons of Patpong. 90 percent of Thais are Buddhist, and there was a time that all males were Buddhist monks. There can be no greater diversity in a place than that when ancient and modern cultures mix for visitors to experience.

It is the iconic temples that contribute to Thailand having the reputation of being the most visited country in the world. Approximately 35 million people will travel there annually to view the temples. Visitors will also want to see the islands in the south and soak up the diversity of the street foods scenes of Bangkok. 

Icon Buildings of Bangkok

The Grand Palace in Bangkok is a sight to behold. It was constructed by the Chakri dynasty’s early kings. The complex here is vast and the gold palaces just shimmer. There are the most exquisite Buddha statues and something like 50 temples to see. This includes the oldest temple of Wat Phra Kaeo. This particular temple houses a thousand-year-old Emerald Buddha. If you like looking at jewels, then this is a magnificent object of beauty to see.

The most iconic and common symbol in Thailand is Garuda, which is the mount of Lord Vishnu. That is something that a camera can capture as an image to take home. There is nothing like capturing it for yourself rather than just seeing it on a calendar as an image that someone else has captured.

The above indicates that there is much to see in Thailand to please the eye. There is history and beauty here. The food markets are world-famous and the buildings iconic. It is so easy to get around in Thailand and the prices of the food and hotels are affordable despite how beautiful the islands are.

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