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The Easing Of Travel Restrictions And Rules in the UK

Airlines have begun to renew their call on Britain to begin to jump-start International travel. These airlines have been asking the Government to allow those who are vaccinated to be able to fly without restrictions with the high volume season of mid-summer approaches. This is as Europe is beginning to open up more and more.UK and its strict quarantine requirements have discouraged travel and it will continue to reduce air travel as the profitable months approach.

quarantine requirements

There are several airlines including British Airways, Ryanair, and EasyJet that have said Britain and its strict quarantine requirements have discouraged travel and it will continue to reduce air travel as the most profitable months approach.

The CEO of British Airways noted that the UK would likely get left behind because Europe as a whole is moving much quicker with their reopening. 

He stated that those who have gotten vaccinated should have lesser restrictions as they pose a much lower inherent risk than those who haven’t received a vaccine. Therefore, it’s not necessarily a bad idea to reward those who are vaccinated with lesser restrictions.

There have been a lot of EU countries that have agreed to begin easing restrictions starting on July 1. The restrictions would make it so that anyone who is fully vaccinated will be able to avoid having to get testing or quarantined. The bloc also altered the restrictions on those coming from the USA opening up non-essential travel from the country.

The CEO of Ryanair noted that Britain should make a move to allow anyone who is vaccinated from the UK and EU to effectively be able to travel in between both the UK and the E.U without having to get tests or quarantined.

EasyJet noted that it was beginning to move planes from what is their largest market (the UK) because that’s where the most demand is stemming from.

For instance, planes that originally would fly from Britain to Mallorca or even Palma are now flying from Berlin to the Spanish island.

On Monday, Britain ended up delaying the reopening of its economy as there continued to be more spikes in cases of the newer Delta variant.  

The airline industry had been banking on Britain to be one of the leaders in reopening due to it sustaining one of the best vaccination rollouts throughout the globe. After all, they currently have over half of all adults fully vaccinated. These adults will wish to travel and drive around Europe. Of course, when traveling abroad ensure that you are insured with annual car hire excess insurance.

Britain is looking to offer an update on the list of destinations that won’t require a quarantine on the 24th of June.

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