The Campervan Travel Trend

Traveling on your own wheels, enjoying a maximum level of freedom and going to places where hardly anyone else goes is the philosophy of a campervan trip. The trend towards this type of holiday is gradually increasing and h

as gained even more momentum due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is mainly due to the fact that thoughts are increasingly revolving around the protection of nature and thus camping is coming to the forefront of travel trends.

Many people simply want to enjoy being connected to nature and not being tied down to any particular location. But what exactly makes traveling with a campervan so special, what are the most popular destinations and when are the best times to travel?

Campervan Travel Trend

Why traveling with a campervan is so special 

To start a campervan trip, you first have to rent a campervan. Of course, if you own a campervan, you just have to start the engine and off you go. The special thing about traveling with a motorhome or campervan is that you are bound to absolutely nothing.

There is no fixed time when the plane leaves or when you have to check into a hotel. This also makes traveling with a campervan much less stressful.

A completely individually designed route, something to cook and eat at any time and all the necessary items in one place – these are just a few of the advantages of a campervan trip.

Considering the rising popularity of campervan travel, you may also want to explore the latest new camper van prices to help you plan your next adventure. Having the right information about camper van costs can be essential for making the most of this unique and liberating travel experience.

Furthermore, camping is about experiencing something new. Many use the saying “the journey is the destination”. It doesn’t matter whether you are – at a campsite or directly in the great outdoors.

However, caution applies here! Wild camping is not permitted in every country. In Germany it is forbidden for example.  

The most popular destinations for campervan trips 

Germany is at the top of the list of campervan destinations for many campers. It doesn’t matter whether it’s to the far north or the south – Germany has both beautiful coasts and impressive mountain landscapes to offer.

But the race par excellence is on with the Nordic countries like Sweden and Norway. Younger camping enthusiasts in particular are heading to these countries because wild camping is permitted there.

But the landscape is also unique. Those who prefer it a little warmer head south. Croatia and Italy are always popular destinations. To benefit from both, a trip to Europe is more than recommendable. Of course, you will need to plan ahead to have enough time to capture all the impressions and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

The best seasons for a campervan trip 

Most campervans only have a seasonal registration plate. This means that the camping season is in summer. This can also be observed at most campsites.

Many only open their gates during the warm months of the year. Traveling with a campervan during this period is also much more relaxed. Rainy, snowy and stormy periods are often undesirable when camping.

Cold nights and a bad mood are usually the result. Of course, the weather situation is not exactly predictable, and storms can always take you by surprise. It is therefore important to be prepared for emergencies.

All-weather tyres are a must, especially if you are going to the far north! The right clothes should also always be with you on a camping trip. Of course, the motto “less is more” applies.

Nevertheless, items of clothing such as a rain jacket and sturdy shoes should not be missing. 

Things to consider on a campervan trip 

If you are going to cross various national borders on your trip, you should be aware of the country’s regulations. This includes the fact that many roads in Europe are subject to tolls.

If you plan well in advance, you can often avoid these roads and save a lot of money. Of course, it is also important that the campervan is thoroughly checked before such a trip. This should also be done before every long drive in order not to endanger the safety of the passengers.  

Campervan travel – Conclusion 

Traveling by campervan is not for everyone. Many want the security of a hotel, a warm shower and neat room service.

Nevertheless, you can give this form of holiday a chance and benefit from its wonderful aspects. A piece of the bond with nature and enjoying full freedom are only a few of the advantages to be mentioned.

Last Updated on October 23, 2023

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