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The Best Travel & Tourism Things to Do in Hong Kong

With a unique vibe, multi-cultural inhabitants and fast-paced lifestyle Hong Kong promise an amazing experience. The best way to know this city is to put on some comfortable shoes and explore it like a local. There is something to do at every moment of the day or night.Some of the most interesting and fun things to do in Hong Kong that you can’t miss.Take a look at this full guide on Asia.

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Things to Do in Hong Kong

Here is a list of the Best Things to Do in Hong Kong


Whether you want to try cheap street food or indulge in an expensive Michelin dish, the city has it all.

Street Food

Small hole-in-the-wall type family-owned Noodle shops are found all around the city. Go into hidden alleyways to discover some of the best broths and noodles – if you see a queue of locals at a shop during lunch time, you’ll know that it’s a good place to try out.

Local ingredients can include; pigskin, quail eggs, meat sausages, mushrooms, Curry squid, Bean curd, fish balls, and cabbage. Add spicy bean or chili pastes to add heat to the dish.

Delicious Cantonese Wok cooking and Delicate Dim Sum flavors fill the air of the Hong Kong streets. Try Dim Sum at the Lin Heung Tea House; the kitchen overflows with Dim Sum steamers of which the locals can’t get enough of. The traditional atmosphere will give you a real feeling of ancient Hong Kong.

Geese, complete with head, beak, and feet are skinned and grilled in ovens. They are hung in windows all around the street food areas. It’s a deliciously crunchy, succulent and fatty dish. Combined with plum sauce, rice, and century-old goose eggs it provides a well-rounded meal.

Other street foods to try are the Egg waffle and Pineapple steam bun. Roam around to find a dai pai dong (cooked-food stall). It’s an open-air food stall that makes a lot of different Cantonese dishes like deep-fried salt and pepper squid, shrimp, different veggies, Kung wo Tofu and rice noodles with chili sauce and soy.

You can have a look at the Chefs sweat and cook Wok dishes over the sizzling flaming ovens.

Things to Do in Hong Kong


The best thing about Hong Kong’s top bars is the over-the-top and uniquely designed interiors. Ophelia, with its Eastern inspired themes and Wolf Market, with its stock market look. Together with Mrs. Pound, that is disguised as a Chinese stamp shop. It creates a hipster vibe that attracts many locals to indulge in the sounds of Indie music.


If you thought that Hong Kong is alive throughout the day, it becomes even more energetic by night. One of the best nightlife things to do in Hong Kong is to visit the Lan Kwai Fong area. It’s a vibrant street filled with pubs, bars and dance clubs that are open throughout the night. The pumping street provides tourists with an intense clubbing experience.

Som of the Best clubs include- Play that has a huge 8000 square meter dance floor and hosts internationally renowned disk jockeys. Levels, that have two levels one named ‘solid’ and the other ‘liquid’ completely devoted to dancing. It’s perfect for when you want to switch between musical rhythms.

Another great clubbing experience can be found at Volar! Volar has two dance floors and when most clubs are closed at 3 am the party never stops at this hyperactively booming dancing house.

To get into clubs you need to show ID. For some people, this means purchasing a fake one from a website like Fake Your Drank (get your ID here), and using this until they are of legal age.

Arts and Culture

Hollywood Road is a street that is filled with independently owned and quirky art shops. From metalwork to jewelry designs this is a great place to view, shop and let your creative juices flow.

Around Hollywood Road and other side alleys of Hong Kong, you’ll find creative wall murals created by local and international artists. Even Banksy features on one of Hong Kong’s walls.

Find Art Lane, an initiative taken up by locals to revitalize old buildings. Local artists can apply through presenting a concept or idea, of what they would like to paint/create on old building’s walls. If approved, paints and brushes are provided. A series of amazing artworks are formed together and provides a beautiful backdrop for tourist photos.

If you’re looking for tranquility through the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong. Make your way to Chi Lin Nunnery, located in Diamond Hill, Kowloon. The peaceful Nan Lian garden surrounds the temple area.

The sounds of the city fade away in the distance as you walk through the green well-kept gardens that feature a variety of bonsai as well as different wooden architectural structures and statues. Behind a man-made waterfall, you can find a vegan restaurant (book in advance, as it tends to fill up soon).


Sham Shui Po is a bargain hunter’s dream! Usually overlooked by many tourists, as it’s not as glitz-and-glam as other shopping areas in Hong Kong. You are free to roam around the many stalls that sell everything from electronics to clothing.

Ladies Market is a very popular shopping destination. Even though it’s a place filled with tourists, it’s one of my most favorite places to buy gifts. Handbags, belts, purses and beautiful clothes are stacked together. Stall owners are very talkative and all are fighting to make a sale, thus bargaining is welcomed.

If you want to splurge some serious cash, then Hong Kong is the place for shopping.


If you’ve been to the crystal-clear-water beaches of Thailand or Malaysia, you’ll know that beaches aren’t what Hong Kong is best known for. Big Wave Bay Beach still offers a sun baking experience for those in search of the ocean. It has sandy beaches and a lot of interesting shops close by. What makes this an excellent day trip is that it is next to great hiking trails.

A neatly pathed pathway walks around the coast along with rock carvings which are historical landmarks and worth a visit. As the beach and trail aren’t as crowded and you’ll get a beautiful view of the bay while resting or having a picnic on the cliff.

Hong Kong has loads to offer. Their travel and tourism potential always exceed any expectations. Definitely a city that should be added to anyone’s bucket list.

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