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The Best Travel Gadget to Make the Most of Your Trip in USA

Staying connected to a reliable WiFi internet connection can be very tough, especially when you’re traveling abroad. If you, too, are having trouble finding a reliable WiFi device for your trip to the USA, be sure to give My Webspot’s Pocket WiFi ago. It’s designed with modern-day traveling needs in mind to offer an uninterrupted, smooth WiFi internet connection, so you can make the most of your Canadian tour. The team behind Webspot is very committed to adding a lot of convenience to travelers’ lives. They offer a service that provides international travelers with 4G+ mobile WiFi data plan in more than one hundred countries. Webspot has a device that users can rent online to continue using their favorite apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail, Google Maps, and more.How much do you know about web spot? Take a look at it and learn about what makes it the best travel gadget for US Travel.

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best travel gadget

People use different names to search it on the search engines. These names include Pocket WiFi USA, mobile hotspot, or portable WiFi. Whether you’re visiting the USA for your business concerns or recreation purposes, the Webspot Pocket WiFi is the best option you can go with. It’s a complete package for people wanting to use an uninterrupted WiFi connection during their abroad trip. Also known as Mifi, the Pocket WiFi is a portable hotspot that employs a mobile network to connect to the internet.

It provides you with a fast and secure WiFi connection you can’t get with other WiFi devices in the market. There’re two types of variants that you can invest in. Both of them bring you complete access to reliable internet. Users also have access to every data-consuming app of their smartphone, computer, or tablet. They can send and receive mails, use various apps to find exact addresses during their abroad trip, use Google maps or other apps to find their way, and keep up to date with the latest info to ensure a smooth trip. Not only does My Webspot bring you best in class internet connectivity on the go, the team at Webspot also advises you to not use their Pocket WiFi device for: downloading movies, streaming (YouTube, Netflix, etc.), software updates, playing games online and cloud services (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive), and more. They also recommend switching off services like iCloud that keeps running in the back end of your device.

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best travel gadget

What sets Webspot apart from its competitors is that it helps you save up to 95% of roaming charges during your abroad trips. Moreover, up to five users can connect their devices to a single Webspot, making it perfect for group trips. It’s an ideal choice for individuals who regularly travel to several foreign countries as it keeps you connected to the internet like a boss, and you never miss a single mail on the go. The device automatically connects to the country’s mobile network as soon as you leave the border.

My Webspot service is available in more than one hundred countries and they work in conjunction with largest mobile operators all over the world to ensure smooth internet connectivity. The users belonging to Europe, Mexico, USA and Singapore can order it without any delivery charges. Overall, it’s a complete package with no hidden charges and surprises. Data roaming charges can be very expensive during your foreign trips. But when you decide to switch to Webspot, you don’t need to worry about the remaining data when using the internet. By spending only 9.90€ day, you get unlimited internet data with Webspot. It’s amazing, isn’t it? There are no hidden charges or additional costs. If you or one of your friends is looking for a reliable international internet service provider, be sure to give My Webspot a go. People who’re using or have used it seems to be fully satisfied with it. So, it’s safe to say that you won’t regret buying Webspot.

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When it comes to countries covered by Webspot, there’re more than 100 countries in the world where Webspot service is fully operational. Users may experience fluctuation in the signals, as the signal quality with our service providers varies from country to country. The battery of the device brings you a run-time of up to 8 hours, which is way better than other devices in the market. The team at Webspot recommends charging the device every night to avoid any inconvenience during day time usage.  You can also get some additional batteries from My Webspot if you need to travel longer on a single charge.

Webspot offers 4G LTE WiFi connection in all countries included in their coverage. However, the speed of their device depends on availability of 4G coverage. There’re some areas where there’s no 4G and the device employs 3G to ensure internet connectivity.  On average, the device when connected to 4G LTE shows up to 100Mbps download speed and 40 Mbps upload speed. But fortunately, most of the cities they cover have 4G coverage. However, some partners working with My Webspot recommend reducing the speed over certain consumption. This is to prevent the abnormal use of device. Let’s have a look at the fair usage in different locations:

For USA and Europe, the fair usage in 4G LTE is 1GB a day, while for Mexico it’s 2GB per day. It’s full unlimited for countries belonging to South East Asia such as Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam and China. The fair usage in 4G LTE is 500MB a day for the rest of world (except the countries mentioned above). Your connection speed will be slow once you reach the set limit. However, you’ll be able to use Pocket WiFi at a speed of 512kb/s. It also comes with an insurance package that covers you for loss of all equipment, and damage. Overall, Pocket WiFi seems to be the best option for people who want to use a reliable internet connection during their abroad trips.

How you look at My Webspot’s Pocket WiFi? Please feel free to share your valuable feedback using the comment box below. We greatly appreciate your comments and love hearing from our visitors.

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