The Best Swimmable Beaches in Cabo San Lucas

Thinking of planning a vacation to Cabo San Lucas? Yes? Then you are in luck because we have provided a list of the best swimmable beaches in Cabo San Lucas. But before you head out there, there are a few things you need to know. Some beaches in the area are not safe for swimming because they have dangerous waves and powerful undertows.

 Therefore, if you are planning to take your entire family on vacation and let your kids swim in the warm waters, there are specific beaches to avoid.

 The great thing is that the beaches that are unsuitable for swimming are well marked and authorities are present to handle any emergency that may occur. To make things easier for you, here are some of the best swimmable beaches in Cabo San Lucas.

Santa Maria

If you are looking for a secluded and tranquil beach in Cabo San Lucas where you can enjoy the sun and the waters, then Santa Maria beach is the place to be. The beach is located about 11 kilometers from Cabo San Lucas away from the town. Apart from swimming, you can also go snorkeling on the beach and enjoy the beautiful marine life beneath the waters. Santa Maria boasts a reef that has a variety of tropical fish that you can enjoy swimming with as you do snorkeling. Also, if you like sailing, you can enjoy a quite peaceful time out on the calm waters of Santa Maria on your boat.

On top of that, the beach was awarded with the Blue Flag Certification, which is an international recognition for having the highest water and environmental quality standards. Santa Maria is a beach where you can find sanitary services and count on lifeguards being present.

Chileno Beach

Chileno Beach is one of the most liked beaches in Cabo San Lucas where you can enjoy swimming and snorkeling. The beach is nestled between San Jose Del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas on the coast of the Golden Corridor. It is about 14.5 kilometers from Cabo San Lucas.

If you are looking for a stunning beach where you can relax and spend your whole day enjoying the view, then Chileno Beach awaits you. Additionally, the beach was also awarded with the Blue Flag Certification, so you can be sure that the waters are safe, sanitary, and well-guarded.

Medano Beach

Medano Beach is one of the main tourist attraction sites in Cabo San Lucas. The beach is always graced with tourists from all over the world all year long. If you want a beach where you can enjoy other activities apart from swimming, then Medano Beach is the one to visit.

You can take part in water sports like parasailing and kayaking on the beach. Additionally, you can go scuba diving, fishing, and surfing on Medano Beach. On top of that, Medano Beach is surrounded by world class restaurants that serve the tastiest delicacies.

Cerritos Beach

Most beaches on the Pacific side of Cabo San Lucas are unsafe for swimming, except Cerritos Beach. Located along Baja California Peninsula 30 miles North of Cabo San Lucas and 10 miles South of Todos Santos, Cerritos Beach contains everything you would desire in a Mexican beach. The incredible waves allow for surfing all year long and you can enjoy tons of activities with your family on the crescent shaped beach.

You can carry out activities like jet skiing, kayaking, and horseback riding on Cerritos Beach. This is the beach to go to if you want the ultimate holiday experience.

Playa Bledito

Playa Bledito is also referred to as Tequila Cove by the locals and is one of the best beaches in Cabo San Lucas. The beach is located in Cabo Real Development along the San Jose Coastline. It has a gigantic manmade breakwater feature that allows both kids and adults to swim safely in the waters. Also, you can indulge in other water activities on Playa Bledito such as kayaking, so long as you limit your water activities within the security of the cove.

Additionally, Playa Bledito is located next to Hilton Hotel, which means that you will also enjoy delicious tantalizing food during your stay in Cabo San Lucas.

Palmilla Beach

Palmilla Beach is located a few minutes’ drive from Cabo San Lucas between San Jose Del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. The crystal clear calm waters and the breathtaking beach will make you feel like you just took a vacation to paradise. Palmilla Beach is one of the most sanitary beaches in Cabo San Lucas and it was also awarded with the Blue Flag Certification.

If you have been meaning to spend more quality time with your family doing fun filled activities like snorkeling and other water sports, then Palmilla Beach is the place to be.

Which of the above beaches in Cabo San Lucas will you be visiting next?

Last Updated on May 15, 2023

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