The Best Sustainable Earring Options for Professional Women in 2021

If nothing else, this pandemic has taught us the value of our ecosystem. Words like ‘Climate Change’ and ‘Sustainable development’ started getting more meaningful to all of us. Adapting an environment-friendly lifestyle is the need of the hour. That includes our choices of what we eat, what we wear, and how we conduct ourselves. This pandemic has taught us the value of Sustainable development. Adapting an environment-friendly lifestyle is needed.

What we choose to wear has always had a major impact on our civilization. We know that our clothing and accessories have a definite impact on our ecosystem. Considering this, we should think of our fashion choices. In the same light, earrings have been having a huge moment over the past year – from contemporary signature styles to intricate trendsetters, a modern shopper can enjoy a range of styles. Especially when we are working from our homes and attending meetings on zoom calls, a pair of well-designed Etsy earrings could save the day.

Apart from the obvious trends, there are other – more sustainable – options that one should be aware of. For example, certain gemstones do have healing properties and cause minimum harm to the environment. Certain gemstones keep you away from negative energy and help you focus on your work. Also, there is no compromise on the looks. They all look stunning enough for your colleague to take notice and compliment you. 

Sustainable development

1. Shungite Earrings

Sustainable development

Looking to add health benefits to your daily routine with the help of a pair of earrings? Then, the Shungite gemstone is your holy grail. The natural, black mineral comes in ranging colors – from stark black shade to a gleaming silvery-copper color, which can be enjoyed in various accessories. Working women can wear Shungite earrings to allow their brains to remain focused at work and increase their sharpness and memory. Its high carbon content helps to purify and detox your body and mind. You can wear the Shungite earrings daily to get rid of anxiety, stress, insomnia and protect yourself from harmful EMFs. The shiny pair of earrings will look perfect with all your attires – from day wear to evening wear, and make you look effortlessly chic in all the important meetings!

2. Tanzanite Earrings

Sustainable development

If you are looking for the perfect pair of elegant jewelry that can help add the perfect amount of sparkle to your day at the workplace and make your outfit look polished, then Tanzanite earrings are perfect for you. The natural Tanzanite is a beautiful blue-violet color that can change into multiple shades under sunlight. Women at the workplace can enjoy a dazzling platinum-plated pair encrusted with a cluster of diamonds and the blue-colored jewel at its center. It will be a striking addition to your jewelry box, which will instantly grab attention and mark your presence in the room. If you want to accompany your Tanzanite earrings to your night out, then all you need is an intricate Tanzanite drop pendant decked on a platinum chain to complete the look. The jewel is also the birthstone for those born in April, so it’s a must-buy if you’re looking to invest in a perfect piece of work-appropriate accessory.

3. Personalized Earrings

Sustainable development

Personalized jewelry is this new, trendy form of self-love which has made its mark in the professional world. Everyone appreciates owning a piece that just belongs to them and no other. Giving a personal touch to your earring – by engraving a date, a symbol, your initials or anything – gives it more meaning, making it a superb gifting item. Knowing that the earrings you are wearing are especially made for you makes you feel unique. An individualistic piece of jewelry is rare in our world anyway – Make sure that you own at least one.

4. White Diamond Earrings

Sustainable development

Above all, a pair of White Diamond earrings are a timeless piece of jewelry. So much so, it can easily be called ‘Earring for 365 days a year.’ It is just really difficult to ignore the sheer beauty of the world’s most precious gemstone. Loved by millions and millions of people, White Diamond earrings have seen many variations in design, but the grace it beholds remains the same. With the defined carats and cuts, they come alive on a pair of earrings. Given the presence it has, it is the most appropriate for a professional setup.

5. Amethyst Earrings 

Sustainable development

If you’re craving a flash of purple sparkle in your life, then Amethyst earrings will provide an instant lift to your outfits. The cool-tone shade is perfect for all skin tones and will bring an inner radiance to the face of those who pair the chic accessories with their professional look. The beauty of amethyst is its feminine, rich color and the fact that it can help you perform more efficiently at work. The stone’s healing properties can enhance your brain’s focus and performance while also adding a halo of calm in your surroundings. You can wear the earrings with any shade or color; it will complement the stone’s illuminating color, which can transform under natural light. 


Last Updated on May 15, 2023

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