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The Best Sicily Villas with a Pool to Rent

Sicily is the biggest island in the Mediterranean, and everything travelers can look for. With a great climate, your trip to Sicily will be all year-round. Every season will provide you with a distinctive charm with eternal crossroads, attracting tourists with wonderful treasures and dazzling diversity.

Apart from beaches, regional cuisine, ruins, and wonderful sea views, the island has the best villas with a swimming pool to rent. Some of the villas you can rent include:

  1. Seashore

This villa is located in a prestigious location in the eastern part of Sicily. With private access to Mediterranean jewels and the sea of Giardini Naxos, Seashore Villa can make you spend a stay you can never forget. It has been refurbished just recently with the goal of keeping the original style that was wisely reinterpreted and lightened in a modern way.

Inside the villa, you will get a large living space with an amazing wooden suitcase welcoming you. Through the staircase, which embellishes the living room’s design, you can access three double bedrooms. Two of them have an en-suite bathroom. The villa also has a gym, outdoor furniture, a massage room, a swimming pool, and an emotional shower.

  1. Alle Cale

Being located on a breathtaking island, Favignana, Alle Cale can make you feel the Mediterranean essence. This villa’s architecture fits the Mediterranean nature, offering rooms with air conditioners, Wi-Fi, a great outdoor area, and a beautiful garden.

This villa comprises of the guest house and main house. The guest house has a kitchen, TV, fireplace, bathroom, and small dining room. Its French doors open to a garden, which will ensure you feel part of the Mediterranean landscape. On the other hand, the main house has furniture elements designed by a reputable company of architects. Every room is furnished with modern trends without compromising on the comfort of guests. The two houses are separated by a furnished patio, where you can have dinner, enjoy the fresh breeze, and relax in a small swimming pool.

  1. Seven Islands

Seven Islands is located on the hillside in the coastal province called Trapani. The panoramic views of this villa stretch across the coastline, all the way from the historic towns of Marsala to Erice.

This villa’s luminous entrance leads into a beautiful kitchen, and the glass sliding door takes you into the first-floor bedroom area. This area has two double rooms with en-suite bathrooms, both designed to maximize this villa’s view. The villa is also featured with a parking space and cascading gardens, surrounded by many terraces, including a BBQ, swimming pool, and rooftop.

  1. Essence

This villa is set in a raised position with a magnificent view over the Portopalo seascape. Essence gets its comfort from the Mediterranean countryside’s warm atmosphere, sandy beaches, and a modern luxury villa.

Whether you use the kitchen patio door or the main door, you will be struck by a spacious living area consisting of a well-furnished kitchen. Beyond that, the villa has a comfortable double bathroom, parking area, swimming pool, palm trees, and spacious basement area.

  1. Villa Mazzarò

Villa Mazzarò is a stylish and glamorous villa located a few steps from Taormina. The villa extends over an area of approximately 250 square meters with independent studios and terraces. The main house has a Jacuzzi and a swimming pool overlooking the sea.

The villa also has a balcony and houses three bedrooms – two double bedrooms sharing a bathroom and one with an en-suite.

Final Remarks!

Accommodation options around Sicily include the best villas to rent. Whether you are having a vacation with your family or friends, all these Sicily villas with pool  are available to rent throughout the year. By renting one of these villas, your vacation will have comfort and a mixture of unique and distinctive feelings, allowing you to change your trip into a spectacular experience.

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